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Date Title Topic
2012-11-15 New: Pencil Project Portable 2.0.2 (prototyping and... Open Source Release
2012-11-15 New: AndreaMosaic Portable 3.33 (mosaic image creator... Freeware Release
2012-11-14 New: PWGen Portable 2.1.0 (secure password generator)... Open Source Release
2012-11-13 New: ControlPad Portable 0.72 (numeric keypad app and... Freeware Release
2012-10-30 New: QwikMark Portable 0.4 (Quick system benchmark)... Freeware Release
2012-10-29 New: Gridy Portable 0.50 (snap your open windows to a... Open Source Release
2012-10-28 New: Beret Portable 1.2.1 (2D puzzle platformer game)... Open Source Release
2012-10-27 New: BabelPad Portable (Unicode text editor... Freeware Release
2012-10-26 New: KeepNote Portable 0.7.8 (note taking and... Open Source Release
2012-10-26 New: PeerBlock Portable 1.1 r518 (firewall based on IP... Open Source Release
2012-10-25 New: Balabolka Portable (text-to-speech on... Freeware Release
2012-10-24 New: dotNETInspector Portable 1.3.0 (show .NET... Open Source Release
2012-10-23 New: FileAlyzer Portable (detailed file... Freeware Release
2012-10-22 New: ZoomIt Portable 4.31 (screen zoom and draw for... Freeware Release
2012-10-20 New: TreeSize Free Portable 2.7 (directory usage... Freeware Release
2012-10-19 New: Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Portable 3.1 (icon,... Freeware Release
2012-10-18 New: BabelMap Portable (Unicode character... Freeware Release
2012-10-17 New: FastCopy Portable 2.11 (fast file copier and... Open Source Release
2012-10-16 New: Jarte Portable 4.5 (lightweight word processor)... Freeware Release
2012-10-15 New: Cppcheck Portable 1.56 (C/C++ code analysis)... Open Source Release
2012-10-14 New: CintaNotes Portable 1.8.1 (note-taking) Released Freeware Release
2012-10-13 New: The Powder Toy Portable 83.9 (physics sandbox... Open Source Release
2012-10-06 New: KchmViewer Portable 6.0 (CHM Viewer) Released Open Source Release
2012-09-30 New: RBTray Portable 4.3 (minimize apps to the system... Open Source Release
2012-09-21 New: Wise Registry Cleaner Portable 7.51 (registry... Freeware Release