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Date Title Topic
2017-11-28 New: Resource Hacker Portable 4.5.30 (binary resource... Freeware Release
2017-09-13 New: ReNamer Portable 6.7 (file renaming tool) Released Freeware Release
2017-07-11 New: jdkPortable 8 Update 131 (portable Java... Freeware Release
2017-06-28 New: KeePassXC Portable 2.2.0 (secure password manager... Open Source Release
2017-06-12 New: Xye Portable 0.12.2 (collect-the-gems puzzle game... Open Source Release
2017-06-09 New: DSpeech Portable 1.63.3 (text-to-speech converter... Freeware Release
2017-05-31 New: FastStone Image Viewer Portable 6.2 (image viewer... Freeware Release
2017-05-22 New: PDF-XChange Editor Portable 6.0.322.4 (PDF editor... Freeware Release
2017-05-17 New: FileVoyager Portable 17.4.7 (full-featured file... Freeware Release
2017-05-16 New: Media Player Classic - Black Edition (MPC-BE)... Open Source Release
2017-02-21 New: GeekUninstaller Portable 1.4.3 (local software... Freeware Release
2017-01-19 New: Isotoxin Portable 0.4.503 (multiprotocol secure... Open Source Release
2017-01-04 New: HexChat Portable 2.12.4 (IRC chat client) Released Open Source Release
2016-11-04 New: Mumble Portable 1.2.17 (voice chat for gaming)... Open Source Release
2016-10-14 New: WinMerge 2011 Portable 2011.5.427 (file... Open Source Release
2016-09-29 New: Colour Contrast Analyser Portable (... Open Source Release
2016-09-06 New: Avidemux Portable 2.6.13 (simple video editor)... Open Source Release
2016-08-12 New: MyPaint Portable 1.2.0 (digital painting and... Open Source Release
2016-08-01 New: Sylpheed Portable 3.5.1 (lightweight email client... Open Source Release
2016-07-15 New: Krita Portable 3.0 (sketching and painting)... Open Source Release
2016-06-03 New: CuteMarkEd Portable 0.11.3 (simple markdown... Open Source Release
2016-05-24 New: VeraCrypt Portable 1.17 (free disk encryption)... Open Source Release
2016-05-20 New: Telegram Desktop Portable 0.9.49 (secure instant... Open Source Release
2016-03-22 New: K-Meleon Portable 75.1 (lightweight, customizable... Open Source Release
2016-02-23 New: Password Safe Portable 3.38.2 (secure password... Open Source Release