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Some questions

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Some questions

I'm new here so plz dont be mean. Anyways I just got myself a SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Plus with U3, but I really dont like U3 so I'm trying PAc. Here are some questions.

1) I see that U3 and PAc makes it easy to manage your portable apps, but is there anything wrong with just installing an program directly onto your flash drive? That's what I've always done on my old drive and there's been no problems.

2) Going off of question 1, when I install a program without using PAc, is there any way to make a shortcut of it and put it in the PAc Menu?

3) I dont really like PAc's way of organising your files into "Documents" and then "Music", "Pictures", and "Videos" (same structure that U3 uses). I use "Life", "School", and "Misc". I did delete the default folders but now I'm stuck with nonfunctional links on the PAc menu. So I was wondering if I could delete those and add my own.

4) I saw the thread about the program that would package any app into the PAc format. So anyone wanna give me a summary of it so I dont have to read all 100 posts?

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First of all.

I can answer all of your questions but the fourth one (I hate reading 100 post too, which is why I haven't read it yet).
There's also something called the portableapps irc for small questions like this.

And we would never be mean to you.

1) There's no problem with installing a program directly on to a removable disk. But using it is your risk.

2) To make a shortcut on to the menu you would have to have put the program's files in this directory "[x]:\PortableApps\AppName\". The *.exe has to be in the AppName Folder. (Note: replace "AppName" with the name of your app). Of course you may find some extra shorcuts you don't want to show up in the menu. To get rid of them read this

3) No you can't change the name and icon with the current version of the menu. However you can by using Mod 34 patched. Directions to install it are found here

Well That's it.

Hope this helps and
Welcome to Smile

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