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Dictionaries not working correctly

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Dictionaries not working correctly

I installed the Australian dictionary into OO as we have a lot of slight spelling differences to the US. However whenever I activate the language my spell check doesn't work. Doesn't pick up an mistakes at all

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Installing Aussie English dictionaries for OOo 3 beta

You may find the answer if you search the forum for "spell checker" Or you may try this link:

It all works fine on this installation. I run OOo3 portable from a portable hard drive (Seagate FreeAgent Go 250Mb).

I posted the following text there:
OOo3 doesn't use wizards to load dictionaries. Instead users must install them from the menu (Tools \ Extension Manager). So OOo3 dictionaries have an oxt file name extension.

I paid $6 and downloaded an Australian English dictionary here:

There are two versions, one is the "full" version which includes US variant spellings as well as AU variant spellings and the other is the "Kelvin" version which only includes the AU spellings. I installed the Kelvin version and it works very well.

By the way, the JustLocal website also has Australian English dictionaries for OOo2.x and many other applications. It also describes the method for installing OOo2.x dictionaries.

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