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Want to start Google Chrome with proxy command

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Want to start Google Chrome with proxy command


I want to start Google Chrome with the command --proxy-server=localhost:8080. I read that it is possible to include this command in the exe file. But trying to do this since a couple of hours. Is there any tutorial or something similar?

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Use Chrome Portable Parameters

Simply download Google Chrome Portable here :
Then, copy the file GoogleChromePortable.ini which is located into the Other/Source folder to the launcher directory. Edit this ini with Notepad and search the line named "AdditionalParameters", and add after the equal your command,--proxy-server=localhost:8080. Save this file, and enjoy Smile

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Does not work as said today ? but finally work...

I've just used that trick.
I've edited the Other/Source/GoogleChromePortable.ini
the line
AdditionalParameters= --proxy-server=

it does not work and even adding --assert-test or --crash-test (or --assert-test=true or --crash-test=true) change nothing.

It works well if I make a shortcut with that parameter:
...\PortableApps\GoogleChromePortable\GoogleChromePortable.exe --proxy-server=

I would prefer it works in the launcher.

The best would be an option to use the proxy parameter of the launcher

anyway, it works and it is nice.

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Wrong location

You said you've edited "Other/Source/GoogleChromePortable.ini".
The ini file has to be located next to the GoogleChromePortable.exe. (simply copy paste)

You can check the passed command line by using Process Explorer Portable:

  1. open it
  2. select the process you want
  3. right click, properties
  4. Command line, check the last part

If the command line parameter is present, maybe the parameter itself is incorrect?

Yes, I set the working directory!

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Thanks... it works!

Thanks for the explanation.
I missed the copy of .ini to .exe launcher directory...
It works perfectly.

sorry for the inconvenience.

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