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Documents, Pictures, and Music Folder locations

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Documents, Pictures, and Music Folder locations

I have an XP Pro machine, (and others) with separate partitions, and relocated personal folders. For example, D:\My Documents. Obviously, my My Pictures, and My Music are subfolders of My Documents on the XP machine. When installing the portableapps platform on my data drive [D:], which has the path d:\portableapps\ , I told it the location of my portableapps folder is D: So far, so good. However, it has not recognized the My Documents folder, and created just D:\Documents, which is the target of the "Documents" icon on the portableapps menu. I would like to "tell" the platform the path to the "My Document" folder that existed prior to the portableapps install, so clicking on "Documents" would go to "D:\My Documents", Pictures, would go to "D:\My Documents\My Pictures", etc... I have looked in various ini files, and have not found a way to do this. Is there a way?

Thanks in advance, and thank you for the otherwise fine work.

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Currently impossible

Due to the shortcut folders being hard-coded in the platform, but a future release will allow changing the location of these folders.

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Yeah, right. Waiting for long time, here.

I don't want to sound bad, but I'm hearing this since 2006.




There are more reference but I think I explained my point.

Also more important is the location of the document folder I have no idea why was ever set to be on root. On the above first link the 2nd proposal of document folder layout is way better plus an .ini to customize location would be super: everything self-contained in the PortableApps folder and easy to move.
My opinion is that even the PortableApps launcher .exe should stay in its sub-folder and have .ini file for configuration; on the root just the autorun.inf and a link or better a .bat to it.
Just my 2c.

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posiible solution on windows plataform

A possible solution to this subject in Windows 7+ is to use the symbolic links wih the mklink command.
I found a detailed explanation here:

Best regards,
Sergio E.

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Any updates on this?

Any updates on this? Personally, I dont use the Documents, Music, Pictures, Video folders at all and Id assume many others dont as well. I really dislike how these folders are automatically created, cluttering up the location where I run PA platform. Perhaps consider including an option to turn these folders off entirely?


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Digging up a zombie thread.

Digging up a zombie thread.

I've got VeraCrypt installed on a USB Drive, making an encrypted 4Gb virtual drive to securely store my documents in. Yep, you guessed it. I want to redirect my PortableApps Documents folder and etc. to the one inside of the VeraCrypt container.

I don't mind peeking and pokeing the hex, if it's too much of a pain in the arse to set them in an ini file or whatever. Just need to be walked through which what to hex edit.

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