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Apps: [OLD - BROKEN] Minecraft - Tekkit - ComputerCraft

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Apps: [OLD - BROKEN] Minecraft - Tekkit - ComputerCraft

Just thought i would share with everyone that i have discovered a way to use the official programs and make them portable. With a small edit of where Java looks for a folder.

I am in no way taking credit for making these programs or games. I Love these games so much I wanted to make them completely portable with me, which happen to be extremely simple.

All i had to do was find a way to open the game and tell it to drop its files in a specific location. (Which Java made that easy)

These are not setup to use the Portable Java, they can be tho. Its assumed all computers this is used on will have Java already on it.

Be sure to connect to the Internet with all of them at-least once. Also, Tekkit and Minecraft require you to actually have an account before play. These are in no way used to bypass retail copies.

- Minecraft

- Tekkit

- ComputerCraft

EDIT: Sorry, I no longer support these.

BTW These already work with the Portable Apps Program, including the icons.

Enjoy Smile

P.S. That simple edit is simply placing "set APPDATA=%CD%\App\AppData" in a batch file and running the programs from it. Done and Done!

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Some versions already exist

A few of us have figured out how to do this and released versions if they don't want to do it themselves. Personally, I have a Technic launcher here and there's another version of that here, not to mention a few people who made just vanilla Minecraft portable. Take a look at those to see how we got it to use Java Portable, it's actually quite nice.

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