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Copying your Portable settings to a Local profile

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Copying your Portable settings to a Local profile

Do we need to delete the "compreg.dat" file after copying a profile from OpenOffice Portable to a local profile for Openoffice? I ask after noticing that is a "don't forget" when doing it with Thunderbird Portable:

A similar response was made for Firefox Portable

Other apps on this site have compreg.dat but only TBP and FFP show up in the search.

Related question: If copying a profile from a portable copy on your USB to a PORTABLE copy on your hard drive (not to a "local" copy), is the compreg.dat file to be deleted from the destination folder?

Could the answers be added to the appropriate Support pages, since it is the reverse situation of the existing "Copying Your Local XYZ Settings to XYZ Portable"?


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Always delete compreg.dat when moving a profile of a FF, TB or SB.

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