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Bitcoin Core Portable 0.21.1 Dev Test 1

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Bitcoin Core Portable 0.21.1 Dev Test 1

This app has been released:

Application: Bitcoin Core
Category: Office - Cryptocurrency
License: Open Source (source code)
Description: Peer-to-Peer digital currency

Download Bitcoin Portable 0.21.1 Dev Test 1 [18MB download / 52MB installed (excluding blockchain)]
MD5: b214f4697cc932b052097daee9b216e1
SHA256: 7709a89d9053862c49ec8f34b6631b161b6aa864e5f0c7c5d0a6809f7ede3d0e
Clean VirusTotal scan

Bitcoin blockchain download [2021-09-06]

The Bitcoin Core Client is only available as a 64-bit Windows app. On first run, it will warn you about blockchain size to confirm you want to use it, ask if you'd like to run a full or pruned node and configure itself appropriately, and give you the option to download a pruned blockchain from us as a digitally signed self extractor so you don't have to download 385GB+ of blockchain and do a lot of extra writes to your device.

Release Notes:

2021-09-06: 0.21.1 Dev Test 1: First release