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TIPP10 Portable

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touch typing tutor

TIPP10 is a free touch typing tutor with a special intelligence feature. Characters that are mistyped are repeated more frequently. Beginners will find their way around right away so they can start practicing without a hitch.

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TIPP10 Portable easily integrates with the Suite™.



  • Easy to use and for free - Simple, clear interface is usable by beginners and even children. It even includes a typing game.
  • Intelligent text selection - Mistyped letters will be repeated more frequently to help you learn faster.
  • Ticker and virtual assistance keyboard - Keys and keypaths are shown on-screen in a user-customizable ticker.
  • Detailed results - Comprehensive reports and lists of completed lessons allow you to easily track your progress and see which fingers and keys need work.
  • Open lessons and using your own texts - Adding lessons for particular styles (legal, programming, etc) are also available. You can even create your own.
  • Extensive customization - A wide variety of customizations is available.

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Download Details
  • Publisher: Tom Thielicke IT Solutions & (Bart.S)
  • Date updated / Date Released: 2011-03-19 / 2011-03-19
  • System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • License: Free / Open Source (Launcher: GPL, TIPP10: GPL)
  • Source Code: Launcher (included), TIPP10
  • MD5 Hash (for the geeks): 0585030f330f529800d3ed86f38ccb87