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Songbird Portable

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Logoyour music, your player, custom fit

Songbird is a full-featured digital music library that enables the seamless syncing of all your music, and provides intuitive and powerful music management features. With Songbird, your music is organized and presented exactly as you like. Because your music listening experience is as individual as you, Songbird allows you to customize your player so you get exactly the features important to you. It's packaged as a portable app, so you can take your personal music library wherever you go.

Download Songbird Portable

Version 2.2.0 for Windows, Multilingual
17MB download / 65MB installed (Details)

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Launch Speed: As Songbird is a more drive-intensive app, it can take as much as a minute or more to start when running from a flash drive. Please be patient.

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SongbirdPortable_small.pngSongbird is full-featured digital media player with lots of great features including:

  • Media Importing/Exporting: Add media to Songbird by importing from your file system or iTunes. Export your tracks and playlists back into iTunes.
  • Library Files Organization: Automatically organize the files contained in your library. Consolidate your media in one location. Customize the structure of the folder and file name based on metadata contained in every track.
  • Watch Folders: Automatically import media from a defined folder.
  • Library Management: Browse, organize, sort and search your media.
  • Smart Playlists: Create dynamic playlists that automatically update based on criteria you set.
  • Album Artwork: Display the currently playing track's album art and write new artwork back to the file. Automatically fetch missing album art from the web.
  • Media Playback: Songbird supports MP3, FLAC, and Vorbis on all platforms; WMA and WMA DRM on Windows; and AAC and Fairplay on Windows and Mac.
  • Gapless Playback & Replay Gain: Skips padding data due to encoding and chains files for gapless playback experience. Adjusts the playback gain appropriately if a track's metadata contains replay gain information.
  • GStreamer: Songbird uses GStreamer as the main media playback system, across all platforms.
  • Web Browser: Songbird includes an integrated web browser with features like bookmarking, tabbed browsing, and more.
  • Multi-language Support: Over 25 completed, community-contributed localizations and growing!
  • Custom UI: Make Songbird your own by choosing from dozens of different skins feathers.
  • Developer Support: Songbird is getting better everyday thanks to its open platform and growing developer community.

Locally Installed Version

Songbird development has discontinued and their website is offline. The last locally installable version can be downloaded here:

Download Songbird

Version 2.2.0 for Windows, Multilingual
15MB download / 71MB installed


osi_certified.pngFor help getting up and running, visit:

Helpful Tip: Choose the location of your media library and where you install Songbird Portable carefully. After you begin using it, you can't change them without rebuilding your library.

You can also visit Songbird help.

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