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jPortable Launcher

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run your Java® JARs anywhere

jPortable Launcher (formerly Java Portable Launcher) allows you to easily run Java JARs from your device with the jPortable portable Java Runtime Environment installed. While it doesn't portablize their settings directly, it does work with any self-contained JAR that stores settings alongside itself or allows its settings to be saved to a portable location.

Download jPortable Launcher

Version 3.0 for Windows, Multilingual
1MB download / 1MB installed (Details)

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ScreenshotjPortable Launcher allows you to easily run Java JARs using the Java Virtual Machine installed on your device using jPortable. It can be installed into the Menu where, when it is run, it will prompt you to select a JAR file to run. It can also be run directly by dragging and dropping a JAR file onto the JavaPortableLauncher.exe file.

jPortable Launcher does not portablize the settings of all your Java programs within JAR files. Some JAR apps will either store their settings alongside the JAR or provide an option to store the settings portably. Other JAR apps will look to the user.home setting and store data there. The launcher configures these to use your portable device for settings storage.

jPortable Launcher (64-bit)

A variant that works with the 64-bit version of jPortable is also available:

Download jPortable Launcher

Version 3.0 (64-bit) for Windows, Multilingual
1MB download / 1MB installed (Details)


For help getting Java Portable Launcher up and running, visit:

Download Details
  • Publisher: (John T. Haller)
  • Date updated: 2012-06-20
  • System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • License: Open Source
  • Source Code: included
  • MD5 Hash: d82fc79d3d3da8920b9e2a5d1d0967d5, 0ce47e1d8d7539c03cc638b5a2fd8d20 (64-bit)

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