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World Clock Portable

multiple time zone clock

World Clock is a multi-time zone map-based clock that can show you the time around the world. World Clock is freeware for personal and business use.

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ScreenshotWorld Clock has an easy to use interface letting you select up to 8 different time zones to display the time of. You can select using the map directly or lookup city and country names on each continent. A solar terminator and flags over selected countries can optionally be displayed as well. World Clock needs an internet connection to operate.

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osi_certified.pngFor help getting this app up and running, please read the following:

Note that World Clock Portable will not currently open/save settings when run from Unicode paths with characters beyond the standard Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement sets.

Download Details

  • Publisher: Flash-Clocks.com and PortableApps.com
  • Date updated: 2013-10-28
  • System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • License: Freeware (Launcher: GPL)
  • Source Code: PortableApps.com Launcher
  • MD5 Hash: 029c16d0b668892b7cfc58e368c6067f

World Clock is packaged with permission from Flash-Clocks.com