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Kim_Wood - February 6, 2008 - 3:55pm
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Probably the best available open source project management software IMHO. Is anyone working on it? Earlier postings in the forum did not really indicate that anyone was running with this one. Using Java from the USB stick would be ideal. I like this app because it reads MS Project files, is comprehensive & runs on Linux too. Worth having a look at. Better than Planner.

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I think it's basically portable as is...

I just followed the instructions from another forum to make OpenProj use the PortableApps\CommonFiles\Java, it seems to work like a charm.

Basically, download the .zip binaries, unzip into \PortableApps\OpenProj, then change openproj.bat to use ..\CommonFiles\Java\Bin\java.exe.

It only seems to leave the standard MUI stuff in the registry, and doesn't create any files on the C: drive that I can find.

Can you try the following...

Did you try the "portable" version (modified bat file) on a clean system - or after removing OpenProj from the desktop. I made the bat mods & it ran fine from my USB key - but then I totally removed OpenProj from my desktop & tried again. OpenProj would not run from the USB key. It is probably my error in editing the bat file - but I would be interested to see if you can run the USB key version on a clean system. The ini file [Class Path] entry probably needs some editing, I suspect. Mine contains hard coded directory entries pointing to C:\programs\projity... I think OpenProj really does justify a PortableApps wrapper.


any links for the

any links for the instructions to make it portable?

Graham Yates

instructions to success

1.install OpenProj in your usb drive
2.check if you have the latest java installed in your machine. if not install it first
3.use java portable and install java in usb
4. edit openproj.bat in your usb to
..\CommonFiles\Java\bin\java -Xms128m -Xmx768m -jar openproj.jar
this will use java from your usb drive.

if you have OpenProj in your computer, just create OpenProj directory under PortableApps and copy contents.

best of luck...

works fine for me..


relatively new to portable apps

Making Open Project Portable

This method did not work for me until I realised the significance of the two dots at the start of edit for the openproj.bat file. These reference the active parent drive for the batch file and make the path relative

However this did not work for me either as I still got an error message

I eventually worked out that the OpenProj1.3.1.ini also contained references to the source drive usually C:

In the last line edit the Class Path so that the drive letter and colon
(Usually "C:") is replaced with two dots "..". This references the active drive and will work in any machine your plug your usb drive into irrespective of the drive letter it is assigned.

The final edit should look something like this (Don't forget to save when you are finished.

Class Path=..\PortableApps\OpenProj\lib\openproj-contrib.jar;..\PortableApps\OpenProj\lib\openproj-exchange.jar;..\PortableApps\OpenProj\lib\openproj-reports.jar;..\PortableApps\OpenProj\lib\openproj-script.jar;..\PortableApps\OpenProj\openproj.jar;

Voila!! Enjoy


All I want is an umbrella in my drink

Almost there

I've tweaked the ini and bat files as suggested and OPenProj now launches, but if I select New Project I get an empty appframe (Menu strip works, but most option greyed out) and if I select open project, I can navigate to a project file, but it stops loading at about 30%.

Has anyone come across this and sorted it out?


GanttProject Portable

Have you tried this? Advocate

Class Path

Well Polly,

Some DOS knowledge would helped more than an umbrella in your drink. Eye-wink
'..' means 'one directory level up from here'.
So the Class Path you mentioned might work for you, but the more general solution is:

Class Path=.\lib\openproj-contrib.jar;.\lib\openproj-exchange.jar;.\lib\openproj-reports.jar;.\lib\openproj-script.jar;.\openproj.jar;

'.' meaning 'this directory where I am'

Hope it helps - especially those who tried GanttProject like me and missed a lot of features including a really working export.

Best regards,


Instead of these hard to follow for us simple folk instructions, could someone just make a launcher for this? I know it would be handy at my Tafe (Sort of like a community college) for students as we use M$ Project at school but cant work on the stuff at home. If this were an option it would be hugely helpful. Advocate

I am in the same boat. I

I am in the same boat. I would really like to see OpenProj as an App in the PortableApps library. What is the limitation to which Apps are on the "official" list?

Java App

Basically it's a Java App and, as doesn't release Java Apps at present, few volunteer developers would be prepared to spend time on preparing and keeping up-to-date 'perpetual' Development Releases.


The problem here is the .jar executable

it is possible to make possible to portableApps menu show not only .exe, but .jar too?

or faster for now, anyone now how do i convert a .bat in a .exe to show in the menu?


Carpe Noctem

ok... bat to exe is a program


bat to exe is a program for this...

but the .jar thing continues as suggestion


Carpe Noctem

creating a PAF launcher

would mean that you can't use it on Linux (at least not without wine) portably since it has to be an EXE.

Not recommended

Personally I wouldn't download it from any of those sources. A mod may want to trim my post and the one before.

portability is like flexibility, you either have it or you don't.

I did package this program

I did package this program myself, that's why it isn't at any official location. If one is suspicious about it, just run an anti-virus before running it.

The advantage of this package it that it is truly portable, it comes bundled with JPortable (java) on the Java version that causes less stability problems for running the program (6.0.31). Unlike the ProjectLibre posted here that doesn't come with Java.

Feel free to unzip it, scan with anti-virus and look for malicious code, you won't find it.

Best regards.

Why not creating a dev test

Why not creating a dev test page in the beta testing section?

Use search before posting

Illegal. We use .paf.exe's. Development Test post. Help the Dev.

You can't legally bundle jPortable because you don't have permission from Oracle to bundle their Java runtime (even jPortable itself doesn't bundle Java, it downloads it upon install), so you'll be better off having it rely on the presence of a separate jPortable install (in the standard jPortable install location).
Also, I haven't downloaded your package yet, but I see that it's a zip file. Here at we try to follow the Format (see the PAF specs), and package apps using the Installer (which produces .paf.exe installer files). Then we post our apps as "Development Test" releases in the Beta Testing forum, using the Development Test - Forum Posting Layout.

However we also prefer that Developers ask before they take over the development of an app that's already in testing, so if you can help Gord Caswell work out any issues with his package of ProjectLibre, that would be the preferred thing to do. (and if perhaps he's not interested in continuing to update it, then you can ask to take it over and make your own thread for your package.)

I've been busy IRL for the past month or two, but I'm back.

Help welcome

Indeed, I welcome any help he wishes to provide. I myself haven't come across any issues, but I don't use the app much.

OpenProj now known as ProjectLibre... already available as a Dev Test here.

Use search before posting