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Mercurial Cmd Portable 1.5.1 Development test 1

Mark Sikkema
- April 21, 2010 - 12:06am
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Application: Mercurial
Category: Development
Description: Mercurial Cmd Portable is Mercurial packaged together with's Command Prompt Portable Launcher as a portable app. It has all the same great features as Mercurial plus, it leaves no personal information behind on the machine you run it on. Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool. It efficiently handles projects of any size and offers an easy and intuitive interface.

MercurialCmdPortable 1.7.0 Development test 2 [4.7MB download / 17.9MB installed]
(MD5: f1216cd9fa38929e894cc995b47f8c2e)

Release Notes:

Development Test 2 (2010-11-15):

  • Updated to version 1.7.0

Development Test 1 (2010-04-21): Initial release

  • features added:
    Basically this is just a clone of PA.c's Command Prompt Portable, including a Path link to Mercurial.
    I included an extra Path-link to Data\Batch, so you can carry around additional scripts to run from anywhere.

BTW: I do not have much experience with the command prompt or Mercurial,
all suggestions, new ideas and any critic are more then welcome !

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For PA members who want to clone/update PAL hg-tip..

To clone the PAL repository:"

hg clone \PortableApps\PortableApps.comLauncherHGtip

To update the PAL repository clone: change into the directory you cloned it to (cd \PortableApps\PortableApps.comLauncherHGtip) and then do this:

hg pull&&hg up

Formerly Gringoloco
Windows XP Pro sp3 x32

Finding testers

Thanks for making this package! I'm actually not the one who will be using it, but I'll forward the link to my colleague and to the Mercurial mailinglist where I'm sure there are lots of other Windows users who can test it.

Best regards,
Martin Geisler

Thread on the Mercurial

Thread on the Mercurial mailinglist:


I'm too lazy to join the hg mailing list so I'll post some responses to your thoughts here.

I've been using Mercurial for the Launcher with SSH, and I've been using PuTTY Portable (so that the remote fingerprint is cached, that registry key is handled by PuTTY Portable) and pageant (autoloading my key with a nice doskey macro). That way I don't need TortoisePlink.

As for making TortoiseHg portable, shell extensions is currently beyond our scope but I've been heading that way in my research myself; some time I'll make a concerted effort to make the various Tortoise projects portable. Already it'll be considerably easier with the Launcher (I may still need to develop it further to cope with shell extensions, but things like handling registry keys and RefreshShellIcons are available). It may still require administrative privileges, I'm not entirely certain.

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Working good here so far on XP SP3

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Problems with Windows XP SP2


I tried it under Windows XP SP2 (German version) and it does not work. I am not that experienced to say whether it has something to do with the SP or not.

Here is what happens. I have PortableApps installed with the default directory, so when I plug in my stick and it shows up as drive F e.g., then I have the path:


However, when I open the Mercurial Command Prompt from the Portable Apps Menu, there is the following error message

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
Das angegebene Programm kann nicht ausgeführt werden.

Translated it says: "The specified program cannot be executed"

When I type in a command like:

hg status

I get the same error message.

I verified the Path variable and the Path is set to the Mercurial folder, however, when I issue a dir command, I don't see the folder F:\PortableApps.

Here is what it says:

F:\>dir P*
Volume in Laufwerk F: hat keine Bezeichnung.
Volumeseriennummer: 3456-F097

Verzeichnis von F:\

Datei nicht gefunden


"Datei nicht gefunden" means file not found.

How does it come that this folder does not show up in the command line?

Any idea what I can do to fix this?

Thanks for your help

Sorry for the late reply,

I'm a bit confused why this happens to you,

Is this happening on your work PC, with possible restrictions for it to work properly?

Did you try running it on different PC's?

Maybe you could try using the official Command Prompt Portable, on which Mercurial Portable is based ? If this gives you the same problem maybe, report it to the official Support Forum !

Thanx for informing me !

Formerly Gringoloco
Windows XP Pro sp3 x32

This is fantastic. Been using

This is fantastic. Been using it since July with ZERO issues.

However we have fallen far behind the current release of Mercurial they are are 1.7 already:

Would be great to get an upgrade to this and also include some extensions, in particular some GUI visualisation stuff, to Mercurial in the next release.

Robert MacLean

Yes, please!

As a Mercurial developer, I would also love to see an updated version of this! Smiling

We have hired a new guy to work on Mercurial in aragost (my company) and unlike me, he knows something about Windows too. So he might be able to help out with building the monthly releases. I'll give him a pointer to this thread...

Expect a new version in the next day or 2

Honestly I am not familiar with Mercurial, I just ended up doing this package for the guys on this forum, so they are able to get the latest PortableApps.comLauncher updates. So I doubt if I will have a look into the extensions.

Actually updating MercurialPortable your self is that easy, just replace all the files in MercurialPortable\App\Mercurial with the most recent files from a local installation.

In the next few days I want to see how I can integrate Mercurial into CommandPromptPortable, with a good tutorial. Probably that would be a better setup, as this package is just a clone of CommandPromptPortable.

Formerly Gringoloco
Windows XP Pro sp3 x32

Do you need to do a full

Do you need to do a full install or is there someway to extract the MSI and copy the files?

Robert MacLean


Sorry, I know I should not tell myself to do something in the next day or 2. It never happens Eye-wink
I intended to have a better overall look at the whole package, but life is busy and I have priorities elsewhere.

Anyway for next time you can copy the local folder of Mercurial in the %PROGRAMFILES% folder or extract the .msi installer with a recent version of Universal Extractor (Portable) and look for the Mercurial folder.

Formerly Gringoloco
Windows XP Pro sp3 x32