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[Solved] File association with libreoffice

cyrilcvcf - February 8, 2011 - 11:30am
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First of all, sorry for my english, but I'm french and my scolarity is far away !!!

Weell, here is myproblem, i use LibreOffice portable, to replace OoO Portable.
It works fine, but I can Associate the file with the app !
Exemple : windows XP pro does'nt want to associate .ods with Libreoffice !
So tha t when I click on a LibreOffice document it is open with microsoft office GRRRRRR !
I can't associate with LibreOffice, by the windows menu : Tools/files options/Files type :.ods It's exactly the same if I go by right click/open with....

Do you have a solution for me ?


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No/ Maybe

There is no way to use file association with portable apps as portable apps need a launcher/wrapper to take care of all the portable bits.

Some people worked on this and the result is here:

It works for many people.

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Another Attempt

PFA (PortableFileAssociator) works, but I prefer "eXpresso" (previously known as "CAFE Mod")
I'd recommend you try them both and choose which you prefer.

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Hello, Okay, I've noticed


Okay, I've noticed !

So that it's to use it on my Pc I will install the PC version instead of using portable app ! No matter.

It's just strange that it had worked with OoO portable and not with LibrO !

Thanks for help, and to excuse my poor english.