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John T. Haller
(Homepage) - July 19, 2011 - 11:29pm
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IMPORTANT: Please include your operating system version, 32/64-bit, install path, new vs upgrade, platform version, any antivirus/firewall running, etc. Help us help you!

Please report any bugs you find with the platform here. There is a separate forum thread for localization discussion and another for apps that need an update. Bug reports made in comments will be deleted once added to this categorized list. Duplicate reports will be removed. Fixed bugs are listed in the Platform Changelog. Some bugs listed as fixed in the changelog for a current beta release will still be present in the older stable release. Bugs fixed or features added in our internal build that will be included in the next release are marked with an asterisk (*). Last Updated: 2014-09-10

Unconfirmed Bug Reports - If these happen to you, please report

  • LazPaintPortable and PicPickPortable claimed could not install to 3TB drive due to insufficient space. This is fixed in the current PA.c Installer and should not occur with these apps. No one else has been able to reproduce and the user has not responded to inquiries. (sl23)

Known / Confirmed Issues

  • App Installers report 'no free space' when installing to unmapped network shares via the platform updater, app store, or Apps - Install a New App. As a workaround, map the network share to a drive letter for now or run the paf.exe installer directly.
  • Platform installer self-deletes when manually run from the platform
  • "Apps" shown as label for the the app list and the app management list in system tray
  • Can't rename or delete categories (feature coming soon)
  • Cannot upgrade platform while another platform in another location is running
  • ESET firewall/AV may cause some large downloads to hang, contacted publisher (thread)
  • On resolution changes, menu moves. May be able to pin it.
  • Empty ns*.tmp directory left behind in the TEMP directory after platform upgrade
  • Wallpaper switcher: disables Win7 wallpaper slideshow, no GUI
  • 120dpi: menu not scaled, some icons large/cropped, black boxes (custom dpi)
  • Wine-Specific: Black boxes, button hover states stick when dropdown appears
  • Updated/App Store says 'install complete' even when some fail
  • Get error if click Get More Apps while auto-update in beginning is running. Possibly wait or better error.
  • Context menu button not functional when using keyboard mode
  • Allow alt temp or permission fix when TEMP invalid and platform won't run (workaround included)
  • Please close running apps window sometimes appears behind other windows
  • Some issues with wallpaper changer on Windows 8 and/or 8.1 (thread)

Upcoming Features Confirmed Coming In An Upcoming Release

  • Cancel updates/app installs mid-way through the process
  • Portablize Flash cookies
  • SOCKS proxy support via CURL for updater / app store *)
  • Disable menu tooltips option
  • Double-click apps to launch (in addition to single click)
  • Install all languages when installing apps via the app store option
  • File associations built-in (no eXpresso or Portable File Associator addons), including default browser/email
  • Configurable close/eject/minimize buttons in the lower right
  • Custom theme add, select and remove
  • UI options for advanced features that don't yet have them
  • Customization of the folders' (Documents, etc) name, icon and location to open, ability to add folders
  • Remove apps from the smart list
  • Run platform from read-only media. May skip this.
  • Search app directory
  • Windows 7 task bar customizations
  • BAT file on start and exit for advanced users with platform env vars available
  • Cache apps to improve menu start/refresh performance
  • Save installers for later use
  • Specify preferred SourceForge mirror
  • Hide Java apps in app directory (off by default)
  • Ability to select between minimize to tray, taskbar or auto in GUI
  • Change the icon of an app
  • Right-click Command Prompt Here
  • Right-click View App Homepage
  • Switch download indicator to show MB instead of KB
  • Improve multi monitor supportdetails
  • Ability to exclude apps from the updater (possibly show unchecked after checked updated apps)
  • Ability to manually add apps from other directories
  • Ability to adjust app command lines
  • Ability to resume dropped downloads (may be in combination with setting specific location for download)
  • Customizable systray icon
  • Autorun/Autoplay component installable locally (test version available
  • Ability to disable balloon tooltips in the menu
  • Ability to re-install and reset apps
  • Always on top option
  • Ability to hide non-commercial use apps in the app store
  • Ability to list out dev test apps in the About Apps screen
  • Language-specific Help - Support, Donation, etc landing pages
  • Ability to delay auto-started apps
  • Ability to have only favorites on front page (no recent or smart)
  • Ability to have updater/app store handle PA.c Installers with multiple downloads, also requires PA.c Installer update *
  • Improve detection of TEMP issues to include unexecutable, add translations for strings in Start.exe and offer users to setup a contain TEMP on the fly

Possible Future Features (Suggested by Users, Under Consideration)

  • Ability to have favorites listed in favorites section and in category in same list
  • Settings export/import
  • Ability to show installed apps with size, metrics on install/update, used, etc
  • Right-click app details (description, size used, etc)
  • Reconsider mandatory upgrades of platform before apps
  • Ability to remember expanded categories
  • Show local Java and .NET installed versions in About window
  • Ability to hide apps that don't permit business use in the app store
  • Delay apps set to autorun until after the updater has done a check, possibly not starting the ones that require an update
  • Ability to display sub-categories as folders
  • Independent portable desktop with its own icons

No Immediate 'Fix' Planned

  • App directory window is not resizable (limitation of programming language, will eventually be rewritten)
  • Apps in nonstandard sub-directories don't automatically work with the updater (keep apps as AppID)
  • Keyboard friendly navigation uses the less-than-intuitive Windows' default of working with a listbox: Hold CTRL to start selecting, use arrow keys or TAB to move around, hit SPACE to toggle a selection on or off. We're looking for a developer to assist with adding some custom C++ code to the NSIS EmbeddedLists component (Source Code) we use to display this list so that keyboard navigation will work with the checkboxes.
  • "Expand categories by default" interacts oddly with "Collapse other categories when one is expanded" or "Collapse categories on minimize"

Error on Right Click for Admin


Thanks for the continued updates to the great PA.c Platform and apps.

I found that when right clicking on a app to run as administrator produces the following error. (However, it does not seem to occur if the app is searched for and then right clicked on.

"Access violation at address 005A40EB in module 'PortableAppsPlatform.exe.' Read of address 00000008."

This particular message occurred with Autoruns Portable, but I am able to recreate it with others giving slightly different values.


Can't Recreate

This works fine for me on my Windows 7 box with Autoruns and every other app I've tried.

Please provide more: "IMPORTANT: Please include your operating system version, 32/64-bit, install path, new vs upgrade, platform version, any antivirus/firewall running, etc. Help us help you!"

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

More Info

Sorry about that. I forgot to include it

Windows 8.1 x64
C: Drive
Upgrade install
PA.c 12.0.4
K7Antivirus Premium

Full Path

Is it installed right to the root of C:? So C:\PortableApps is where all the app directories are?

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


That is correct.

Working Here

I tried it with the Platform installed to C:\ (within C:\PortableApps\ is the actual PortableAppsPlatform.exe) on my Windows 8.1 x64 machine and I can right-click on Autoruns Portable and run as admin with no errors. Is there any way you can post your PortableAppsMenu.ini so I can see if a specific configuration change you made from the defaults is interfering?

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Collapse categories

I looked further into it and it seems to be caused by the collapse categories on minimize setting.

Thanks for the continued support!


I had tried that but I don't think I had it with categories visible at the time. I'll try to reproduce again shortly. Sadly, it wasn't in time for 12.0.5 which is posting now.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

No problem!

That's fine! Sorry for the delay in posting Eye-wink

Feature Request

I would like to request that there be a way to temporarily disable closing apps on platform exit, such as by holding shift when exiting the platform. This is probably not something that a lot of users would use, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there.

Use Case?

I'm curious what the use case for this would be? If you use the platform and apps together, why shutdown the platform before the apps? I ask because if there's something else going on that makes it necessary/convenient to close the platform, I'd like to know and solve that.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Rare Occasions

For instance if you wanted to change something in the .ini for the platform, and open it again to test it, while keeping apps open. Or to view the desktop icons if they were hidden.

I have came into a few times where I've closed just the platform, but it's probably because I like to play around Sticking out tongue


So once we add the advanced GUI-less INI options to the platform and have them take immediate effect, that would remove the need? BTW - you can already hide/unhide desktop icons by just checking/unchecking the option in Options - Advanced and clicking OK in the options window. It's a live setting that doesn't require a restart.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


That sounds like it would! I guess I did know that the icons was a live setting. I only use it on my flashdrives, which are rarely used nowadays. It doesn't appear to work on this Windows 8.1 x64 machine however. I think it's a known problem though? I'm trying to think of the other occasions that I've close the platfrom without the apps, but I think the .ini was the only time I've done so.

It shouldn't matter why.

The fact is that sometimes the user might want to close the Platform without exiting all of their apps. Whatever their reason is, that's their business.
It could be that they want to change the Platform's custom colour (I realise this feature isn't supported yet).
They could simply be taking a break from the family computer and know that their sibling/parent will want to run their own copy of the Platform and won't like it if the hotkey brings up the wrong instance because it was already open and had registered the hotkey (I realise this can be worked around with an INI option), but they want to come back in a while and finish off what they still have open in (a) private/incognito window(s) of Firefox or Chrome.
They could be running an update/upgrade on another instance of the Platform that refuses to continue till they close all instances of the Platform.

My point is that you don't necessarily know what might cause someone to want to exit the Platform without also exiting their Apps, but that doesn't mean that they should have to open the Options window and go completely disable the feature every time that situation comes up.

Another possibility (rather than implementing a 'hold shift while exiting to refrain from closing apps') would be to add a 'not this time' option to the 'close apps?' dialog, or even better you could add a (checked by default) 'don't ask me again' checkbox on the initial "Close apps on exit?" dialog, and people who know that they might at some point want to exit the Platform without also exiting their apps can uncheck it.


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

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Whenever there is a new platform update, I am usually browsing with Firefox Portable and maybe listening to music with AIMP and using OpenOffice or KeepNote if I am doing some research. I almost always have the platform open as well and since you need to close the platform when updating, that also means closing more than 4 apps.

The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

That bug was fixed

That was a bug in earlier releases. It was fixed a couple point releases ago.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

It Does Matter

Almost as important as how a given feature will fit in the GUI and where is whether it should be added in the first place. The reason the most successful OSes and apps are is that they didn't put every single thing in them. Sure, doing so can be great for power users, but it alienates just about everyone else at the same time. And power users like us are a small fraction of users... so if that's all we have, we'll fail.

The ability to upgrade one platform while another is running is coming, change advanced options, and select custom colors are all coming within the GUI. Someone leaving an incognito window open in their browser while allowing someone else to come use the computer is a real stretch for a reason.

We may split it to be selectable to close apps on Eject/Shutdown only but not on exit or shutdown for both or neither and then add an 'Exit Anyway' button if there are still running apps when clicking Exit. If they click Eject/Shutdown, there really should be no bypass as those apps have to be closed for the next step to happen.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Leaving an incognito window open while another uses the computer

I browse almost exclusively in Private/Incognito Mode (not because I have something to hide, but because I have this weird thing about not leaving a mess … even though I know it's not really a mess) and often times I'm using the "Family Computer" and have to take a break to let someone do something that's more important than whatever I'm doing. My use-case is no less legitimate than anyone elses, and I'm certain I'm not the only one out there who does this (though I understand that we're probably a minority), so, rare or not it's not "a real stretch" at all.

I agree that things unrelated to the core functionality (e.g. the integrated music player that someone suggested) are needs that can be left for other programs to fill, and that some things simply aren't necessary (e.g. Aero-Glass, though I still think it'd be nice Eye-wink ), however things like "Allow case-by-case exit of the Platform without also requiring exit of all apps" are things that simply need to addressed, especially considering that most of the time the reason that the apps aren't being exited by the Platform is because they were opened outside of the platform.
AFAICT the point of this feature is to ensure that people who are just plain exiting (Platform & Apps & all) don't improperly shut down all of their apps; not to force users of the feature to close all of their apps before they're ever allowed to shut down the Platform. So I don't see why a request like this is getting a "Why would you want to?" response, instead of a "OK I'll add it to the list, but it's not a high priority" response.

I can understand that you may want to make the Platform capable of running with no need to shut it down, but you will never beat the fact that sometimes a user just want's to close an app (in this case the Platform) without being forced to also close some other app(s) first.


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

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Separate Issues

If you look above, I had already said how I'd planned to add this particular feature as it makes sense to be able to do it occasionally. Specifically, in the form of a "Just Exit" or "Exit Anyway" button on the apps still running dialog but only when the user chose Exit and not Eject or Shutdown/Logout. As for further refinement, that may be an option later as well. Once we re-work the Options dialog, we could possibly include options to ask on each exit of the platform if you'd like to close your apps and be smart about it... only showing it when other apps are still running. (check if they have it set to ask, if so, check if apps are running, if they are then ask, if they aren't just close).

My discussion about not adding every feature was more to your general statement of "It shouldn't matter why." We will not fall into the trap of adding every single feature. Every feature we add has a support, code/test, and translation cost. Support meaning we need to answer questions about it and maintain documents. Translation meaning we need to ensure it gets translated into all our languages. Code/test meaning we first have to take the time to build it and then ensure it continues to function and doesn't conflict with other specific features (a couple advanced options conflict with each other, there's a current bug causing a Delphi error on Run As Admin if you have categories set to Collapse on Minimize I need to troubleshoot, etc). Support and translation aren't too bad as it's usually just once and done, except for ongoing questions about the features. The code/test side of things is often the biggest cost and has caused me to have to delay other work at the cost of seldom-used advanced option bug-stomping.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

OK, Understood.

My "It shouldn't matter why." was in reference to this specific instance because requiring users to quit other apps in order to be able to quit yours is IMO a major design flaw, it was not meant to be taken as an "Add whatever the users ask for." demand, as I believe each feature request should be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Sorry about the bug-stomping delays. I don't suppose this helps, but I haven't been able to reproduce the 'Run As Admin when Collapse Categories on Minimise is enabled error'.

Also I was wondering, I noticed that the Updater's INI file now has sections for, PortableApps.comBeta & PortableApps.comBetaChannel; What exactly is the intended (future) difference between the "Beta" and "BetaChannel" variants?


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

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Legacy Issue

Some of the previous OEM builds for the Carbide/Companion/etc were based on the 12.0 betas with a custom version number of 11.xsomething, but they were accidentally compiled with the beta flag on. As such, they'll still have the "Update to betas" setting on when they get 12.0 stable, which is definitely not what was intended. So PortableApps.comBeta is still used by those legacy builds and will point to stable. PortableApps.comBetaChannel is for actual beta releases going forward and was introduced to address this. Unfortunately, this means actual 12.0 beta users that want to continue using the beta may need to re-tick the box (detection of actual beta vs custom OEM build is a bit flakey and we erred on not continuing beta subscription to be safe).

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


I think that's a pretty good method of handling it automatically, though I think it might have been a better idea to make the 12.0(+?) installer check the previous version string and if it fell into the grey area, ask.


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

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Translations and Testing

Every new GUI element means waiting a couple weeks to get translations and we'll likely only get them for about 1/2 our supported languages in that timeframe. And if it were in the installer instead of the platform, decrease that number by 1/3 as the installer is more difficult to translate for.

Talking more here may not be helpful though as all this will be wiped anyway.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I always forget about translation times.

Speaking of translations, would you consider hosting a web-based translation service if one of the open-source ones out there could handle all the different locale formats PA.c uses?
Off the top of my head I can think of the .locale files for the Platform, and the .nsh files for the installer & launcher; Are there any more that would be needed?


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

PS: Enable <hr> tag in sigs? I'd like one between ~3D1T0R & the quote.