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John T. Haller
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Bug Submission Note: Please include your operating system version, 32/64-bit, install path, new vs upgrade, platform version, any antivirus/firewall running, etc. Help us help you!

Please report any bugs you find with the platform here. There is a separate forum thread for localization discussion and another for apps that need an update. Bug reports made in comments will be deleted once added to this categorized list. Duplicate reports will be removed. Fixed bugs are listed in the Platform Changelog. Some bugs listed as fixed in the changelog for a current beta release will still be present in the older stable release. Bugs fixed or features added in our internal build that will be included in the next release are marked with an asterisk (*). Last Updated: 2016-06-16

Known / Confirmed Issues

  • Backup/Restore stray characters (details)
  • Cancelling an app update during download shows empty message box
  • App Installers report 'no free space' when installing to unmapped network shares via the platform updater, app store, or Apps - Install a New App. As a workaround, map the network share to a drive letter for now or run the paf.exe installer directly. This is now fixed in the current PA.c Installer and rolling out to apps.
  • Platform installer self-deletes when manually run from the platform
  • Can't rename or delete categories (feature coming soon)
  • Cannot upgrade platform while another platform in another location is running
  • ESET firewall/AV may cause some large downloads to hang, contacted publisher (thread)
  • On resolution changes, menu moves. May be able to pin it.
  • Empty ns*.tmp directory left behind in the TEMP directory after platform upgrade
  • Wallpaper switcher: disables Win7 wallpaper slideshow, no GUI
  • 120dpi: menu not scaled, some icons large/cropped, black boxes (custom dpi)
  • Wine-Specific: Black boxes, button hover states stick when dropdown appears
  • Updated/App Store says 'install complete' even when some fail
  • Get error if click Get More Apps while auto-update in beginning is running. Possibly wait or better error.
  • Allow alt temp or permission fix when TEMP invalid and platform won't run (workaround included)
  • Please close running apps window sometimes appears behind other windows
  • Some issues with wallpaper changer on Windows 8 and/or 8.1 (thread)
  • Platform can't exit if INI isn't writeable
  • Platform installer doesn't warn of already-running platform when run directly

Upcoming Features Confirmed Coming In An Upcoming Release

  • High contrast theme detection and incorporation in some respect within the platform
  • Display all portable apps in system tray by alphabetical order in addition to by category
  • Updater/App Store detection of updates failing due to network disconnect and re-queuing them for download as a stopgap until resume is implemented
  • Local shortcuts to things like Windows Explorer, Notepad, that work as you move PCs
  • Platform scrolls to bring category into view as you expand it, scrolling down so it's at the top if needed
  • Ensure enough free space in system TEMP for downloads, PA.c Installer needs to check for downloads/extraction space, too
  • Ability to have updates start automatically on platform start with a minimized updater
  • Ability to 'Exit Anyway' and 'Try Again' on the Apps still running on exit dialog
  • Cancel updates/app installs mid-way through the process
  • Portablize Flash cookies
  • SOCKS proxy support via CURL for updater / app store *)
  • Disable menu tooltips option
  • Double-click apps to launch (in addition to single click)
  • Install all languages when installing apps via the app store option
  • File associations built-in (no eXpresso or Portable File Associator addons), including default browser/email
  • Configurable close/eject/minimize buttons in the lower right
  • Custom theme add, select and remove
  • UI options for advanced features that don't yet have them
  • Customization of the folders' (Documents, etc) name, icon and location to open, ability to add folders
  • Remove apps from the smart list
  • Run platform from read-only media. May skip this.
  • Search app directory
  • Windows 7 task bar customizations
  • BAT file on start and exit for advanced users with platform env vars available
  • Cache apps to improve menu start/refresh performance
  • Save installers for later use
  • Specify preferred SourceForge mirror
  • Hide Java apps in app directory (off by default)
  • Ability to select between minimize to tray, taskbar or auto in GUI
  • Change the icon of an app
  • Right-click Command Prompt Here
  • Right-click View App Homepage
  • Switch download indicator to show MB instead of KB
  • Improve multi monitor supportdetails
  • Ability to exclude apps from the updater (possibly show unchecked after checked updated apps)
  • Ability to manually add apps from other directories
  • Ability to adjust app command lines
  • Ability to resume dropped downloads (may be in combination with setting specific location for download)
  • Customizable systray icon
  • Autorun/Autoplay component installable locally (test version available
  • Ability to disable balloon tooltips in the menu
  • Ability to re-install and reset apps
  • Always on top option
  • Ability to hide non-commercial use apps in the app store
  • Ability to list out dev test apps in the About Apps screen
  • Language-specific Help - Support, Donation, etc landing pages
  • Ability to delay auto-started apps
  • Ability to have only favorites on front page (no recent or smart)
  • Ability to have updater/app store handle PA.c Installers with multiple downloads, also requires PA.c Installer update (thread)
  • Improve detection of TEMP issues to include unexecutable, add translations for strings in Start.exe and offer users to setup a contain TEMP on the fly

Possible Future Features (Suggested by Users, Under Consideration)

  • Theme to match the host operating system aka theme-less theming (thread)
  • Cleanup left behind individual app settings after power outtage/PC crash
  • Ability to have favorites listed in favorites section and in category in same list
  • Settings export/import
  • Ability to show installed apps with size, metrics on install/update, used, etc
  • Right-click app details (description, size used, etc)
  • Reconsider mandatory upgrades of platform before apps
  • Ability to remember expanded categories
  • Show local Java and .NET installed versions in About window
  • Delay apps set to autorun until after the updater has done a check, possibly not starting the ones that require an update
  • Ability to display sub-categories as folders
  • Independent portable desktop with its own icons
  • Advanced option to have the platform force-close apps without windows

No Immediate 'Fix' Planned

  • App directory window is not resizable (limitation of programming language, will eventually be rewritten)
  • Keyboard friendly navigation uses the less-than-intuitive Windows' default of working with a listbox: Hold CTRL to start selecting, use arrow keys or TAB to move around, hit SPACE to toggle a selection on or off. We're looking for a developer to assist with adding some custom C++ code to the NSIS EmbeddedLists component (Source Code) we use to display this list so that keyboard navigation will work with the checkboxes.
  • "Expand categories by default" interacts oddly with "Collapse other categories when one is expanded" or "Collapse categories on minimize"
  • Switching from Aero theme to Windows Classic on Windows 7 with the menu running causes visual artifacts due to a Delphi bug. Restarting the platform will fix the artifacts. This does not affect Windows 8 and later as the classic theme was removed.
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Access Violation under Windows 10 x64

Access violation at address 0052CD6C 'Portableappsplatform.exe' read of address 00000004.
The above error popup window occurs multiple time (stacked) when I leave my Win10 system past the time for monitor shut off. Appears to create new error window about each 30 minutes until I return and activate the monitor.


John T. Haller
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Drive Suspended?

Is the drive it is running from being suspended poorly by Windows?

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Jeff Savage
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Windows 10 - Hide Desktop Icons [Not Working]

OS: 10 x64 Build 10586
Install Path: P:\
New vs Upgrade: New Install
Platform Version: 14.1
Any antivirus/firewall running: No real time AV (Windows Defender disabled), HerdProtect (scans once a day), Windows Firewall (default settings)

Issue: On my computer, selecting the Hide Desktop Icons option does not hide the desktop icons. Restarting the platform does not help.

P.S. How do I set the default web browser within PortableApps Platform? When I go to click "Help >" it always opens with Firefox. I want to keep Firefox installed but for performance reasons (weak multicore cpu), Chrome is a better option for me as a default web browser.

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John T. Haller
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Working Here

Platform 14.1 successfully hides desktop icons on Windows 10 x64 on my laptop. Turned it on and off a couple times without issue. Is Windows itself a new install or upgrade? I don't think Windows 10 still supports the old web views desktop, but that always broke the ability to hide it. Are you running an alternate Start Menu, alternate Explorer shell/add-ons, or anything else that could interfere with the desktop? (Keep in mind your "desktop" is just an explorer.exe instance so things of that nature will break it.

As for the browser, you can't yet. But it's coming in a later release. We choose Firefox by default because it's more popular than Chrome for portable use and works *far* better portably. Chrome is only just barely portable and all sorts of things break when its path changes. Google doesn't want Chrome running in an alternate fashion like portably. Mozilla on the other hand is all for it and has lots of code within Firefox that helps with portable use. That plus passwords and all extension settings and such working as you move around without even needing to sync.

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Possible Bug - Portable Fonts Issue Upon Upgrade to 14.1

OS: Windows 7, SP1, 32-bit
Platform: 14.1
Install Path: G:\PortableApps (flash drive)
Upgrade: 14.0 --> 14.1

Upgraded my apps this week and got the notification that the platform needed to update. All seemed to go fine; no errors noted. However, after upgrading, gVimPortable would no longer load "Courier Prime" font from my G:\PortableApps\\Data\Fonts. Caused the app to hang completely - didn't work at all (though this aspect is more likely a Vim issue and isn't the bug I'm reporting here).

Messing about with gVim settings, I found that if I renamed my call of the font to "Courier-Prime" and renamed the font the same way (i.e. added a dash in place of a space) the problem was fixed. It looks like the launcher/platform isn't passing font names with spaces anymore? I haven't had a chance to play further with it as I'm at work at the moment, but wanted to report it to see if anybody else had issues with portable fonts that had spaces in their names. I'll make some time later to try it out with other apps, like Abiword.

NOTE: gVim did not update, so I don't think this is a gVim issue as it worked fine before, but who knows.

John T. Haller
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No Changes, Possible Corruption

There have been no changes to the portable fonts feature in a few years and the compiler is identical. Plus, it would be impossible for anything we do on our end font-wise to crash gVim. All the platform does is loop through the files within Data\Fonts and call the AddFontResource Windows API for each followed by a simple WM_FONTCHANGE message sent with a SendNotifyMessage so all open windows know to reload the available fonts. Windows itself handles all the heavy lifting.

I'd wager if you change the name to Courier Prime 2 it would also load without issue. Possibly due to a corrupted cached version of the font somewhere. But either way, it can't really be anything platform-wise. I'd suggest the usual of rebooting, checking for errors. You could also delete your Windows font cache and then reboot so it is fully rebuilt. Fntcache.dat within Windows\system32 if I recall correctly. Just move it out of there and preserve it on the off chance something goes wrong.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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Perfect. Good to know. Thanks

Perfect. Good to know. Thanks John, sounds like something screwy on my end.

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