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John T. Haller
(Homepage) - July 19, 2011 - 11:29pm
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IMPORTANT: Please include your operating system version, 32/64-bit, install path, new vs upgrade, platform version, any antivirus/firewall running, etc. Help us help you!

Please report any bugs you find with the platform here. There is a separate forum thread for localization discussion and another for apps that need an update. Bug reports made in comments will be deleted once added to this categorized list. Duplicate reports will be removed. Fixed bugs are listed in the Platform Changelog. Some bugs listed as fixed in the changelog for a current beta release will still be present in the older stable release. Bugs fixed or features added in our internal build that will be included in the next release are marked with an asterisk (*). Last Updated: 2014-08-28

Unconfirmed Bug Reports - If these happen to you, please report

  • Large font results in p, q, g bottoms cut off (mrw2day)
  • LazPaintPortable and PicPickPortable claimed could not install to 3TB drive due to insufficient space. This is fixed in the current PA.c Installer and should not occur with these apps. No one else has been able to reproduce and the user has not responded to inquiries. (sl23)
  • "Invalid image size" on platform startup (thread) (Ulf2014)

Known / Confirmed Issues

  • "Apps" shown as label for the the app list and the app management list in system tray
  • Can't rename or delete categories (feature coming soon)
  • Cannot upgrade platform while another platform in another location is running
  • ESET firewall/AV may cause some large downloads to hang, contacted publisher (thread)
  • On resolution changes, menu moves. May be able to pin it.
  • Empty ns*.tmp directory left behind in the TEMP directory after platform upgrade
  • Wallpaper switcher: disables Win7 wallpaper slideshow, no GUI
  • 120dpi: menu not scaled, some icons large/cropped, black boxes (custom dpi)
  • Wine-Specific: Black boxes, button hover states stick when dropdown appears
  • Updated/App Store says 'install complete' even when some fail
  • Get error if click Get More Apps while auto-update in beginning is running. Possibly wait or better error.
  • Context menu button not functional when using keyboard mode
  • Allow alt temp or permission fix when TEMP invalid and platform won't run (workaround included)
  • Please close running apps window sometimes appears behind other windows
  • Some issues with wallpaper changer on Windows 8 and/or 8.1 (thread)

Upcoming Features Confirmed Coming In An Upcoming Release

  • Cancel updates/app installs mid-way through the process
  • Portablize Flash cookies
  • SOCKS proxy support via CURL for updater / app store *)
  • Disable menu tooltips option
  • Double-click apps to launch (in addition to single click)
  • Install all languages when installing apps via the app store option
  • File associations built-in (no eXpresso or Portable File Associator addons), including default browser/email
  • Configurable close/eject/minimize buttons in the lower right
  • Custom theme add, select and remove
  • UI options for advanced features that don't yet have them
  • Customization of the folders' (Documents, etc) name, icon and location to open, ability to add folders
  • Remove apps from the smart list
  • Run platform from read-only media. May skip this.
  • Search app directory
  • Windows 7 task bar customizations
  • BAT file on start and exit for advanced users with platform env vars available
  • Cache apps to improve menu start/refresh performance
  • Save installers for later use
  • Specify preferred SourceForge mirror
  • Hide Java apps in app directory (off by default)
  • Ability to select between minimize to tray, taskbar or auto in GUI
  • Change the icon of an app
  • Right-click Command Prompt Here
  • Right-click View App Homepage
  • Switch download indicator to show MB instead of KB
  • Improve multi monitor supportdetails
  • Ability to exclude apps from the updater (possibly show unchecked after checked updated apps)
  • Ability to manually add apps from other directories
  • Ability to adjust app command lines
  • Ability to resume dropped downloads (may be in combination with setting specific location for download)
  • Customizable systray icon
  • Autorun/Autoplay component installable locally (test version available
  • Ability to disable balloon tooltips in the menu
  • Ability to re-install and reset apps
  • Always on top option
  • Ability to hide non-commercial use apps in the app store
  • Ability to list out dev test apps in the About Apps screen
  • Language-specific Help - Support, Donation, etc landing pages
  • Ability to delay auto-started apps
  • Ability to have only favorites on front page (no recent or smart)
  • Ability to have updater/app store handle PA.c Installers with multiple downloads, also requires PA.c Installer update *
  • Improve detection of TEMP issues to include unexecutable, add translations for strings in Start.exe and offer users to setup a contain TEMP on the fly

Possible Future Features (Suggested by Users, Under Consideration)

  • Ability to have favorites listed in favorites section and in category in same list
  • Settings export/import
  • Ability to show installed apps with size, metrics on install/update, used, etc
  • Right-click app details (description, size used, etc)
  • Reconsider mandatory upgrades of platform before apps
  • Ability to remember expanded categories
  • Show local Java and .NET installed versions in About window
  • Ability to hide apps that don't permit business use in the app store
  • Delay apps set to autorun until after the updater has done a check, possibly not starting the ones that require an update
  • Ability to display sub-categories as folders
  • Independent portable desktop with its own icons

No Immediate 'Fix' Planned

  • App directory window is not resizable (limitation of programming language, will eventually be rewritten)
  • Apps in nonstandard sub-directories don't automatically work with the updater (keep apps as AppID)
  • Keyboard friendly navigation uses the less-than-intuitive Windows' default of working with a listbox: Hold CTRL to start selecting, use arrow keys or TAB to move around, hit SPACE to toggle a selection on or off. We're looking for a developer to assist with adding some custom C++ code to the NSIS EmbeddedLists component (Source Code) we use to display this list so that keyboard navigation will work with the checkboxes.
  • "Expand categories by default" interacts oddly with "Collapse other categories when one is expanded" or "Collapse categories on minimize"

Multiple EXE apps look weird in the "still running" dialog.

I see you've changed the app-closing dialog to show PortableApps' names rather than the names of the EXE's they're running, however apps with multiple EXE's seem to show their 'helper' EXEs too.
Not a big issue or anything, but it could be improved upon.


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

No ProductName

Sadly, some EXEs don't bother to build in ProductName fields. Otherwise, I can easily find and de-dup on those. Note that LibreOffice is only listed once even though soffice.exe, soffice.bin, and LibreOfficePortable.exe are all running.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


I haven't checked the source and didn't realise you were using the ProductName (I had incorrectly assumed you were basing it off of the AppID)

I also noticed that RBTray Portable doesn't appear on the list, nor does it get closed by the Platform, I understand that it won't be closed because it has no window (at least until the debut of per-app close-technique-definitions), but it should get listed.

Having not looked through that part of the source I wonder how difficult it would be to check for EXEs running from within the PortableApps directory and list them by the "AppInfo.ini:[Details]:Name" entry associated with the folder they're in, or the AppID (Folder Name) of non-PAF apps.

Also I think listing them as 'AppName Portable' where applicable would be a good idea. (maybe somewhere down the road this could be tied to the 'Hide "Portable" in app names' setting)


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

Good evening

Good evening

1) Personal picture has still no hover tip indicating on me (need confirm from others);
2) About "Apps" shown as label for the the app list and the app management list in system tray - I suggest to rename [FORM_MAIN] 'ICON_MANAGE_APPS=&Apps' to 'ICON_MANAGE_APPS=&Manage' and keep 'TRAY_APPS=&Apps' as is;
3) Not a bug but is it possible to make some pre-release for review the new translated strings and correct them if needed. Maybe some 2-3 days before official release is good

UPDATE: I have 'ICON_PERSONAL_PICTURE_HINT=Personal picture' but the correct one is 'ICON_PERSONAL_PICTURE=Personal picture'. Now all is OK. I will post this and others corrections tomorrow. Thanks

Should Work Now

The 12.0.2 patch release for users updating from 12.0 and 12.0.1 didn't include the proper strings to enable this. I've pushed out a 12.0.3 release that fixes this issue. You should be able to base any changes off this locale (once you have the correct strings) and have it work in the 12.0.3 release.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Switching themes between old & new style moves the Menu.

I'm not sure how important this is, but I think it should be on the list:
Switching from the new default theme (with the skinnier top) to any of the old-style themes (which have enough space there for the old PA.c Logo & Banner that used to be there) moves the bottom of the menu down so that if it started in the default (BottomRight) location about half of the Exit & Eject (now sometimes Shutdown/Logout) buttons becomes covered by the taskbar.
And of course, when switching from the old-style themes to the new-style theme it moves the same distance in the other direction.


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

Not Sure

I haven't been exactly sure how I wanted to handle this one. What I may do is do a check to see if the form is toward the bottom of the screen and adjust the position as the form resizes but not do anything if it's in the top half of the screen. It'll require some testing to ensure it works right across lots of screen sizes, so I was thinking of the next beta.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Why is it smaller in the first place?

That's probably the best method of handling it, but I'm really curious why you felt it needed to be changed in the first place? I thought it was fine at the old-style-themes' height.


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

Big Blank Area

The old themes all have an unnecessarily large blank area around the search box from where the old big logo was. The new one looks like everything was designed to fit. That's why the size was changed.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I like the old style branding

I personally would have handled it differently but I can see where you're coming from with that reasoning.
Anyway I think your description of how you'll move it depending on where it is on the screen is probably the best way to handle it but I don't see this as a high priority, just another detail to get to when you have time. (or for someone to submit a patch for)


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

Bug when set StartMinimized=True

When I set StartMinimized=True under[DisplayOptions] (in PortableApps\\Data\PortableAppsMenu.ini), the platform is running but there's a message:

Access violation at address 004998D1 in modele "PortableAppsPlatform.exe". Read of address 00000054

I'm using windows 8.1, 64bit, no anti virus is running at that moment.

PortableAppsPlatform version 12.02 and 12.03; upgraded in "D:\Dropbox"

Just Start

Did things work OK in 12.0, 12.0.1 or 12.0.2 before? Or were you upgrading from 11.x?

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

I've just known this cool feature

I've just known this cool feature since 12.0.2 and it showed the same message.

I try a few tests on my config file (PortableAppsMenu.ini)and I find out it happen when I set both CollapseCategoriesOnMinimize=True and StartMinimized=True

I think the bug happen when platform works like this: start -> minimized -> collapse categories.

Now, I can use CollapseOtherFoldersOnExpand=True instead of CollapseCategoriesOnMinimize=True because it's working well with StartMinimized=True


Confirmed in v12.x - Slight difference between v12.0.1 & v12.0.2

As napphuong says, it's only when both StartMinimized & CollapseCategoriesOnMinimize are set to True
Doesn't seem to appear in 11.x (probably due to the lack of CollapseCategoriesOnMinimize), and doesn't seem to matter if upgraded from 11.2 or installed fresh.
I also noticed that the Error Message differs slightly between some versions.

v12.0 & v12.0.1Access violation at 00499645 in module 'PortableAppsPlatform.exe'. Read of address 00000054.

12.0.2 & 12.0.3Access violation at 004998D1 in module 'PortableAppsPlatform.exe'. Read of address 00000054.


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

Poweroff in portableapps

I personally am not comfortable with portableapps trying to shutdown my laptop whenever I just try to eject portableapps.

I cant find an advanced option for forcing it to just eject. I would love to see the eject butten return.

I dont mind that the launcher closing my portableapps but I would rather not seen a shutdown window. Can this be optional? Close my apps and be done with it?

Would it be possible to have some kind of recheck/retry button on the opened application window. Chrome does not always stop immediately and I have to press ok and eject portableapps again to see that chroem was allready shutdown. Just a simple "try again" button.

Data\PortableAppsMenu.ini: [DisplayOptions]:AlwaysShowEject=True

Try the 'Always Show Eject' Advanced Feature.


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

Thanks, that did the

Thanks, that did the trick!

Going to experiment some more with some of these advanced features...

Just a Prompt

The power button just shows a prompt. And only if you click the power button. If you just want to close PA.c and your apps, hit the close button instead.

Power shows instead of eject if you're running it on a non-removable drive. If you're using one of those oddball misconfigured flash drives that shows up as a local drive, there's an advanced option for now to override that as pointed out above. Later, you'll be able to configure both buttons from between Automatic Power/Eject, Power, Eject, Minimize, and Close. But we have to do translations and code for that first.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Err, what just happened

I'm trying to understand what just happened here (on upgrade to 12.0.3)
The left-hand bottom button, that I, on all my USB drives and all my customers on theirs, have happily been using as a "close PortableApps and eject" button now, instead, offers to shut down Windows, and no matter what action is taken the USB drive is no longer ejected, and

1. this is supposed to be "normal"

2. to bring back the old normal that we have known and loved for years, everyone has to go and find some arcane option in a config file in a deep directory and manually edit it ?

Surely this cannot be normal. I am getting this problem on every USB drive, and these are not unbranded rubbish; they include all the Sandisk Cruzer Blades which are the perfect small light robust USB key that weigh a gram and can live unobtrusively on every keyring and which I recommend to everyone.

Monday morning I'm going to get a barrage of support calls about this and am going to have to fix it manually for users.

Is this really intended ? And do we blame respectable USB drives for this ?

USB Tells Windows, Windows Tells Us

All USB drives tells Windows whether or not they are "removable" drives. Then we ask the Windows GetDriveType API whether the type is DRIVE_REMOVABLE. If it is, we show the eject button. If it isn't, we show the power button. That's all we do.

Fun fact: Microsoft made the incredibly short-sighted decision to have "Windows 8 certified drives" setup as not removable for a while and several manufacturers like Sandisk bought into it. I think they've since discontinued the insanity, but I can't be sure. Either way, those drives are purposely advertising to Windows that they are not removable and then Windows is telling us that.

It's worth noting that if you're basing a paid business around our free software without partnering as an OEM and paying the associated fees, it would make sense for you to be following the beta channel and testing every release with your customer configurations religiously.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

still don't understand why this has changed

John, when you say " If it is, we show the eject button. If it isn't, we show the power button. That's all we do."
... that's what you do since the 12.0.3 release a few days, but you didn't do that before. Why the change ?
This has only just started happening all over the place.
I'd just like it to be the way it was before without requiring a manual fix.

This is all under Windows 7, by the way; no Win 8 PCs are involved.

To clarify "It's worth noting that if you're basing a paid business around our free software ..."
... That's not what I'm doing. I simply suggest KeePass portable as a password manager and PortableApps as a wrapper providing a backup function and, if clients like the idea, I set that up for them (because they find it impossible to set up for themselves - not everyone on the planet is a kernel hacker, and PortableApps is too technical for most people) and I get them to make a donation to both projects.

I am not doing this as a business; I do it to be helpful to my clients and don't charge for making the suggestion but, human nature being what it is, they make me responsible for every helpful suggestion that subsequently breaks.

That's why I like stable solutions, and I am concerned at the increased rapidity of PA releases. This is looking unstable. Sorry.

First Time Supporting, Sandisk/Microsoft Error for about a year

First, sorry for the misunderstanding on paid customers. Now, on to the fun...

It changed because, until now, the eject button appeared for all local installs of people manually installing the PA.c Platform to their local C: drive, cloud drive (Dropbox, etc) or other non-removable location. This was, of course, completely wrong. But luckily, the eject procedure would do nothing when run from a local location.

For the 12.0 series, we added a new installer making it easier to install to local locations as that's our fastest growing segment of users. To complement that, it made sense to not show a non-functional Eject button for these users... which is silly. A shutdown/restart/logoff button makes far more sense.

Unfortunately, there is a set of flash drives out there that were made incorrectly and tell every OS that they are not removable. This was part of the Windows 8 launch. It doesn't matter if you use them on Windows 7 or Mac or Linux for that matter. The firmware on the drives advertises them as non-removable drives unlike proper flash drives. This was based on Microsoft's own directives for Windows 8 support and Sandisk, naively, played along thinking that it was better and would lead to more sales.

The bad Sandisk drives were made from about mid-2013 until being abandoned this year because of compatibility issues with all kinds of software across multiple OSes. There are pages and pages of issues in all kinds of online support forums and sites about people experiencing issues with them. Sandisk's own response on the matter to one affected user:

“In mid-2013 SanDisk changed production of its USB Drives configured as fixed disk to meet a perceived certification requirement. SanDisk USB Drives with either removable or fixed disk configuration will work the same when used for data storage on Windows PC and Mac computers. SanDisk is in the process of reverting back to producing USB Drives configured as removable disk.
NOTE: There is no tool available to change SanDisk USB Drives between fixed and removable disk configuration.”

If you're stuck with one of these broken USB drives, you can likely do an RMA to Sandisk for one of the now-fixed ones if you're still in your warranty period. Unfortunately, there's no way to convert it to a 'proper' USB drive using software. Sandisk has pulled all reference to the decision to manufacture their drives as non-removable from their website in conjunction with the decision to abandon the flawed process, likely to prevent people from asking for exchanges. Every page in their knowledgebase that referenced this issue now returns a 404 error.

So, unfortunately, if the users you're helping out have one of these broken USB drives, it shows up as a non-removable drive. On purpose. Because of Sandisk and Microsoft. As such, we show it a power button. We made a manual override for these small percentage of broken drives so that users can get the correct functionality over the objections of their drive and pushed it out quickly as part of the 12.0.3 release.

In a future release, we'll be including a full GUI to allow users to select what each button will be.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!


John, thank you for the explanation. It is always more complicated than we think it is.

This is the first time I had struck that issue.

Unrelated but equally inconvenient is some change that took place somewhere about 6 months ago that makes removable drives of all types frequently impossible to eject, even using the Windows "eject hardware" function. It is not related to the USB hardware. It could be a change in Windows.

It is plaguing our use of PortableApps but also all other removable drives on a random basis, all under Win 7. I suspect that something changed to cause some process to start holding onto these drives when no files should be open on them. I have used various utilities that purport to show all files open, and the un-ejectable drive never has any files open on it, but it still can't be ejected.

Didn't want to hijack the thread as it is not unique to PA usage, but it affects PA usage and I wonder if anyone else has encountered it.

Thanks again.

Antivirus, Unlocker

I've found it's often antivirus that locks folder and files unexpectedly. Microsoft Security Essentials is a bit notorious for doing it. Use a utility like Unlocker on the drives to determine what has files open.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Auto close hang up with Cubic Explorer

Auto close on exit errors when Cubic Explorer is running. Cubic Explorer errors then PA Menu hangs up with dialog boxes saying Cubic Explorer running. Have to close Cubic Explorer with Task Manager then can close PA Menu.

version 12.03, win 7 32bit.

Also still cuts off lower case letters in menu with large font.
Ok with small font. Screen resolution is 1280 x 1050 (recommended)

Cubic Explorer

Some apps like Cubic Explorer will likely have issues receiving a WM_CLOSE message. There isn't much we can do to fix them. We can keep a list of processes that fail and come up with a system to ignore them, likely part of the PAF spec.

As for the lower case letters, I'd asked before for a screenshot but you never replied. I can't replicate it on my end and it looks just fine with large fonts on on my Windows 7 machine. Could you please post a screenshot?

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Large Font Issue Image

You will see on the menu all letters cut off that fall below font line like
7 Zip, Google, KompoZer, etc.

Windows DPI?

What's your Windows DPI setting?

Mine looks fine using the same theme settings on Windows 7:

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Platform Update

Different column names in Updater window from English ("Description") to other languages (translated "Sub-Category") and not displayed translated "Required Platform Update".

English string from line 267:


English string from line 294:


Other languages
Translated string from line 270:


Untranslated, English string from line 294:


Different By Design

App descriptions currently only exist in English. So we show them in English mode. When you're in another mode, we show the sub-category as we have translations for those.

If Required Platform Update shows as untranslated for non-English, that's a bug, though.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

'still running' dialog gets cut off

When Exiting the Platform with a large(r) number of PortableApps still running that the Platform can't or won't exit the dialog box does not dynamically resize itself to fit them, thus the text will eventually get cut off.


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

Apps not closed

Hi John,

several apps don't get closed by just sending a WM_CLOSE command.
That approach is not strong enough. I faced the same problem when I implemented my own closeout tool. You will have to find these apps and close their processes.

Kind regards,


Killing processes is not acceptable behaviour.

Indiscriminately killing processes is not acceptable behaviour as this could (and probably would) result in data loss.
Instead John is working on a much better system where the Format will include a place for App Developers to define the proper method of telling the App that it needs to perform a safe exit procedure (e.g. many Apps include a /exit or similar command-line parameter, some will exit in response to a specific window message, and others have a variety of other methods), then the Platform can follow these instructions left by the Developer(s) to have the App close with the least possible chance of data loss.

Until this functionality is complete we will have to either be happy with the WM_CLOSE technique or take it into our own hands and write our own code which we can submit to John for review and possible inclusion. (submitting patches should be made easier by the future introduction of a public repository, but I don't recommend letting the current lack of one hold you back as it has me.)


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

Come on

Come on! It's obviuos that the processes cannot be simply killed. I didn't expect that to need explanation. You need to control this. And yes you need proper rules for each app. I would appreciate to share experience.


That appears to be what you're asking for. The choices are either WM_CLOSE, terminate, or close with a command line if supported. Lots of apps don't respond to WM_CLOSE and have no command line close option. Apps like Ditto and PicPick. It sounded like you wanted those killed.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

So what DO you mean?

So what exactly is 'stronger' than WM_CLOSE, and not going to cause the inevitable data loss inherent to killing the processes?


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

Checkboxes disappeared from updater

Platform Version; Windows 8.1 x64

Screen reader-friendly mode

You need to go into Options->Advanced and uncheck the entry for "Screen reader-friendly selections in updater and app directory".

It's not a bug, its a feature.


It's not a bug, its a feature.

I didn't guess there to look. Big thanks!

That's funny

That's perfect, the "It's not a bug, its a feature." quote is winterblood's signature, not part of the comment, but it's exactly what was meant by the comment … so perfect.


3D1T0RI have never before in my life seen a bug fixed & released that fast. Cool
John T. HallerI think caffeine helped.

Download Error: Reget Error on file

Trying to autoupdate v11.2 on 64-bit Windows8 (6.2) build 9200 getting error: Platform
Download Error: Reget Error on file

Manuall install on Win8 also not succeed:
[Window Title]


The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.

NSIS Error
Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include
incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the
installer's author to obtain a new copy.

More information at:

Manual Download

You likely got an incomplete download, which will fail with errors like that. Unfortunately, it may be cached on your machine, even though the download component directs Windows not to cache it. You can solve this by downloading manually from the download page and installing over your current install.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

avast blame

that was totally my avast fault, sorry, after disabling PortableApps Platform RULEZ!!!