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Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition - Legacy Editions

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Mozilla Firefox®, Portable Edition legacy editions are available for web developer and extension developers to test against. These versions are not support by and may have known bugs and security issues. Individual users should use standard Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition.

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Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition legacy editions works best with the Platform

Version 91 (ESR) - Security Patches Through Aug 22, 2022

Visit the Firefox Portable Legacy 91 - 91.13.0 homepage.

Version 78 (ESR) - Security Patches Through Sept 8, 2021

Visit the Firefox Portable Legacy 78 - 78.14.0 homepage.

Version 68 (ESR) - Security Patches Through August 18, 2020

Visit the Firefox Portable Legacy 68 - 68.12.0 homepage.

Version 52 (ESR) - Security Patches Through June 21, 2018

Visit the Firefox Portable Legacy 52 - 52.9.0 homepage.

Version 45 (ESR) - Security Patches Through June 13, 2017

Last Updated: 2017-04-22


osi_certified.pngFor help getting Firefox Portable up and running, visit Firefox Portable Support.

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