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ToDoList Portable (Discontinued)

ToDoList Portable has been discontinued at the request of the base app publisher. For additional details, please consult this forum topic.

Alternative Format Apps

For users looking for a supported task manager that integrates with the Platform's app store, is automatically updated by the Updater, and is easily backed up by the platform's backup utility, we recommend either Task Coach Portable or Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition with the Lightning extension. Both are excellent projects from publishers who have been supportive of for years.

Existing Users: Convert ToDoList Portable to ToDoList Zip

This installer allows you to convert an existing ToDoList Portable installation to a standard ToDoList zip download so you can continue using the app. Please note that ToDoList zip will not be automatically updated by the Platform, change languages with the platform, or work with the platform's app data backup option. ToDoList zip has an update checker included, but it currently requires admin rights and, thus, will not function in most portable situations. A backup of your current install will be made and your data should be automatically copied to the new install as well. No existing files will be deleted. You may need to manually select your last opened task list. No support is provided beyond this converter. ToDoList is no longer supported or recommended in any way by

Download ToDoList Converter
6.8.10 Converter Final for Windows, English
2MB download / 8MB installed

We have removed the link to the ToDoList homepage at the request of the publisher.

Download Details

  • Publisher: AbStractSpoon (link removed due to publisher request) and
  • Date updated: 2014-03-16
  • System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Wine under *nix
  • License: Free / Open Source (Launcher: GPL, ToDoList: Eclipse)
  • Source Code: ToDoList, Installer custom (included, use 7-Zip to extract)
  • MD5 Hash: fc4dff7ffc0cdf4f37ba166987a7aa76