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French translation -- Traduction française

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French translation -- Traduction française

I'm taking the initiative to open a new topic because the old one is more than 2 years old and discusses many translations. Anyway, back to French translation.

It's mostly good, but there still are a few ideas for improvement. I have posted a few corrections that were obvious and/or added consistency with the standard Windows interface, but I have a few questions. So here I start.

APP_MENU_HIDE and similar strings: Windows, Mozilla and LibreOffice tend to prefer "Masquer" rather than "&Cacher" (which is still acceptable, by the way). But if we do that, we loose the Ctrl-C shortcut. I wouldn't mind because it's not an often-used command, but still. What do others think?

MENU_HELP_SUPPORT : It's as much (or more) about getting help than providing help. So I replaced "Soutenir" by "Soutien". But since it refers to the web page, should we say "Page de soutien"?

GENERAL_SMART_WITH_CATEGORIES : I hate the word "intelligent" applied to computer options. I would probably opt for "Astucieux" but it might be too literary for this context.

THEMES_ADD_THEME to THEMES_CUSTOM_COLOR : Is it a future development?

THEMES_GLASSY : We still need a translation for that one and I have no idea to suggest...

ADVANCED_KEYBOARD_FRIENDLY=Screen Reader-Friendly Selections... has been translated by "Sélections au clavier...". I know space is really at a premium in this line, but I wonder if the translation conveys the proper meaning. In other words, are there "screen reader-friendly selections" that do NOT imply keyboard selections? Or would a person who uses a screen reader fell left out because he or she doesn't know that this is the check box to activate? I have absolutely no experience on screen readers.

INTRO_WAIT=Vérifie les applications sur…
I went bold and replaced it with "Vérifie sur". At least it fits.

SUBCATEGORIES : We should be consistent: singular or plural; verbs or nouns. I would probably opt for singular nouns as it describes the subcategory of each application (ex.: édition d'images).

Real translation is into

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I approve most of your remarks. To be able to answer you, I take back your construction and to express you my opinion, if you want it.

APP_MENU_HIDE and similar strings: we can write "&Masquer", so we have the shortcut ALT+M (in France, I tested it, "&Cacher" is controlled by ALT+C shortcut). However, in the menu Options, there are several checkboxes with "&Cacher": maybe we could mix them.

MENU_HELP_SUPPORT: nothing to say, "Page de soutien" is the best choice.


THEMES_ADD_THEME to THEMES_CUSTOM_COLOR: yes, I see it here in Upcoming Features (line 5)

THEMES_GLASSY: the only term I have is "Réfléchissant", but I'm not sure it's correct.

ADVANCED_KEYBOARD_FRIENDLY=Screen Reader-Friendly Selections: like you, I have not screen reader, so I can't test it. And my translation is very bad (yes, I recognize it), I don't know how translate it in a short expression. Screen-readers owners, we need your help!

INTRO_WAIT: I didn't think to your expression. How bad I am... Pardon

SUBCATEGORIES: like you, I prefer when texts or expressions are standardized. I prefer singular nouns too, but I didn't return above, being in position since the platform in version 10.

I thank you for having created this thread, I did not wish to break the work of translation which had been made, but simply improve the finished product, certainly by bringing a personal touch, but also to be able to discuss about French (I'm not perfect too).

Thanks again for your remarks.
Johan Vaquer - France

Thanks a lot for your tools.

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Thanks for the feedback

I agree with what you said. I do not want to break with tradition, only improve it. Besides, it was an excellent translation to start with.

APP_MENU_HIDE: Changing "Cacher" for "Masquer" would have to be done in a dozen strings. And it brings the question: should we aim for continuity with previous versions of PortableApps or for integration with Windows per se and other pieces of software? In this case, it's mostly other software (LibreOffice, PHotoshop, Gimp) that use a lot the term "Masquer"

GENERAL_SMART_WITH_CATEGORIES: why not "Pratique"? -- I like it!

THEMES_GLASSY: the only term I have is "Réfléchissant" -- either that or "Miroitant" or "Miroir". Neither seem too bright (sorry for the pun).

INTRO_WAIT: I tried to find something that fits in the tiny space we have.

SUBCATEGORIES: I'll think about a series of names and will suggest them here at first. As I used before the update system was implanted, I have rarely looked at subcategories. I would therefore have no problem changing them. But how would feel a person who came onboard with PA version 10? A minimalist approach would be to correct the few subcategories that do not make sense (ex.: board games) and leave others as is. Anyway, I'll think about that tonight or tomorrow night.

Michel Gagnon
Montréal (Québec, Canada)

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