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Date Title Topic
2022-04-14 New: PortableApps.com Releases Portable Software Suite... Open Source Release
2022-04-12 New: Zotero Portable 6.0.4 (digital research organizer... Open Source Release
2022-04-03 New: RisohEditor Portable 5.7.1 (binary resource... Open Source Release
2022-03-30 New: RSS Guard Portable 4.2.1 (RSS/ATOM feed reader)... Open Source Release
2022-03-14 New: Lagrange Portable 1.11.1 (Geminispace Browser)... Open Source Release
2022-03-04 New: Eraser .Net Portable (secure file... Open Source Release
2022-02-01 New: Zettlr Portable 2.1.3 (modern markdown editor)... Open Source Release
2022-01-29 New: Lossless Cut Portable 3.42.0 (lossless video and... Open Source Release
2022-01-25 New: PrivaZer Portable 4.0.39 (PC cleaner and privacy... Freeware Release
2022-01-15 New: paint.net Portable 4.3.7 (image and photo editor... Freeware Release
2021-12-21 New: WizFile Portable 3.07 (fast file search) Released Freeware Release
2021-11-17 New: Monero Portable (private, decentralized... Open Source Release
2021-11-03 New: Everything Portable (file and folder... Freeware Release
2021-10-12 New: PortExpert Portable (port monitor)... Freeware Release
2021-09-23 New: FileOptimizer Portable 15.10.2644 (file... Open Source Release
2021-09-14 New: Litecoin Core Portable 0.18.1 (cryptocurrency)... Open Source Release
2021-09-09 New: Bitcoin Core Portable 0.21.1 (cryptocurrency)... Open Source Release
2021-09-01 New: Dogecoin Core Portable 1.14.4 (much... Open Source Release
2021-08-03 New: NVDA Portable 2021.1 (screen reader) Released Open Source Release
2021-07-15 New: mssPortable 1.343.1035.0 (Microsoft Safety... Freeware Release
2021-06-17 New: CopyQ Portable 4.1.0 (clipboard manager with... Open Source Release
2021-05-07 New: uGet Portable 2.2.1 (lightweight download manager... Freeware Release
2021-04-08 New: WinObj Portable 3.02 (NT Object Manager Viewer)... Freeware Release
2021-03-23 New: WizTree Portable 3.37 (disk space analyzer)... Freeware Release
2021-03-15 New: Otter Browser Portable 1.0.02 (customizable web... Open Source Release