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Date Title Topic
2020-04-01 New: Folding@home Portable 7.5.1 (distributed... Freeware Release
2020-02-15 New: Opera GX, Portable Edition 66.0.3515.75 (gaming... Freeware Release
2020-01-15 New: OpenShot Portable 2.4.4 (video editor) Released Open Source Release
2019-11-15 New: specPortable 1.32 (system information with Speccy... Freeware Release
2019-10-10 New: dfgPortable 2.22.33 (defragment with Defraggler)... Freeware Release
2019-07-23 New: OpenJDK JRE 12.0.2 Build 10 (portable Java... Open Source Release
2019-07-23 New: OpenJDK 12.0.2 Build 10 (portable Java... Open Source Release
2019-04-10 New: QOwnNotes Portable 19.4.2 build 4228 (markdown... Open Source Release
2018-12-13 New: VMMap Portable 3.25 (process memory analyzer)... Freeware Release
2018-10-12 New: Qmmp Portable 1.2.4 (audio player) Released Open Source Release
2018-08-27 New: LameXP Portable 4.16 Build 2134 (audio converter... Open Source Release
2018-08-20 New: OBS Studio Portable 22.0.1 (live streaming and... Open Source Release
2018-08-10 New: LibreOffice Portable Legacy 5.4.7 (complete... Open Source Release
2018-07-31 New: fscPortable 5.3 (screen capture with FastStone... Freeware Release
2018-07-25 New: rcvPortable 1.53.1087 (file recovery with Recuva... Freeware Release
2018-06-04 New: Falkon Portable 3.0.1 (web browser) Released Open Source Release
2018-05-09 New: KeePass Pro Password Safe Portable 2.39 (secure... Open Source Release
2018-04-20 New: Startup Sentinel Portable (local... Freeware Release
2018-04-02 New: Emsisoft Emergency Kit Portable 2017.12.0.8334 (... Freeware Release
2018-02-15 New: PotPlayer Portable 1.7.8557 (hardware enhanced... Freeware Release
2018-02-01 New: IDPhotoStudio Portable (ID photo... Freeware Release
2018-01-20 New: YUMI-UEFI Portable (multiboot USB creator... Open Source Release
2018-01-18 New: calibre Portable 3.15.0 (ebook manager, viewer,... Open Source Release
2018-01-10 New: Pencil2D Portable 0.6.0 (2D hand-drawn animation... Open Source Release
2018-01-02 New: KCleaner Portable (local PC cleaner)... Freeware Release