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Get the latest on current and upcoming portable apps as well as handy tips. Platform 12.0 Beta 3, Lead Developer Surgery, New Apps, and More

Greetings fellow portable-app-ers! We're sending out this quick newsletter to let you know that we've restarted development of the platform and have just posted the Platform 12.0 Beta 3 release. It's a relatively minor release but it does include a ton of bug fixes as well as an updater/app store performance boost that will really make your day. You can get the complete details here:

We've also been busily releasing new apps again with gems like:

Platform 11.2 and 12.0 Beta 2, Lots of New Apps, Happy Holidays and More (December 2012 Newsletter)

Welcome to the December 2012 edition of the Newsletter. The platform has hit 11.2 and 12.0 Beta is now available, lots of new free apps have been released, donation appeal results and ongoing donations and more. So, let's get to it!

==== Platform 11.2 Update ====

Platform 11.0 Released, Lots Of New Apps, And An Appeal For Your Help

Welcome to the September 2012 edition of the Newsletter. A brand-new 11.0 platform release is out, lots of new apps are available, our founder makes a personal appeal and tons of apps are updated. So, let's get to it!

==== Platform 11.0 Released, 12.0 Starting ====

Platform 10.1 Release, New Beta Soon, New Apps Every Week, New Drive Colors and More!

Welcome to the June 2012 edition of the Newsletter. A new platform release is out and a beta with some cool new featues is right on its heels. The World's Best Flash Drive is available in some hot new colors. New app releases are continuing again and a ton of apps have been updated with new features. And we've got a couple bonuses to entertain you and even save you some money. So, let's get to it!

==== Platform 10.1 Released, Beta Soon ====

Platform 10.0 Released, Flash Drives Available, Happy Holidays

Welcome to a very special edition of the Newsletter. The new platform is out and the very first flash drive is now available. They've both been a long time coming, so we'll keep it short and sweet and get right to the details...

==== Platform 10.0 Released ====

June 2010: 2.0 Platform Preview, PA.c Launcher, New Format, New Apps and More

Welcome to the June 2010 edition of the Newsletter. We delayed the mailing a few days to give you a peek at what you've been waiting for: the Platform 2.0. We'll also be covering the brand-new Launcher which allows developers, publishers and advanced users to make apps portable without writing a single line of code. And we'll go over the new 2.0 Format and Installer and highlight some new apps that have been released as well as a few to expect over the next few weeks. So let's get started!