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WinWGet Portable

take and manage your downloads on the go

WinWGet Portable is the lightweight WinWGet download manager packaged as a portable app, so take your download manager and downloads with you. WinWGet uses the powerful Wget a backend. It has all the same great features of WinWGet. And, as with all apps, it leaves no personal information behind on the machine you run it on.

Download WinWGet Portable

Version 0.20 Rev 2 for Windows, English
2MB download / 4MB installed (Details)

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ScreenshotWinWGet Portable is an easy to use download manager with lots of great features:

  • Threaded jobs
  • Monitor Clipboard for URL's (or new URLs only)
  • Resume for Downloads
  • Jobs export into HTML file
  • Predefined user-agents (IE, Mozilla, Opera, Flashget, etc.)
  • Support for asp/php redirection and http authentication
  • Multiple ftp files/dirs download (? and * chars)
  • Bit rate limit (download speed)
  • Lot's more...

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osi_certified.pngFor help getting WinWGet Portable up and running, please read the following:

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