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New Portable Apps Request

z25blink - November 19, 2009 - 7:22am
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Hi all,
wanna see these apps in portable format.
Paf installer is better solution (than zip file).


- Java 6 Update 17 (+ Java Quick Starter) Portable

- FeedDemon Portable
- RSSOwl 2.0 Portable

- BitComet 1.16 Portable
- BitSpirit Portable
- Tixati 1.21 Portable
- Halite 0.3.2 Portable
- Vuze Portable ("Vuze To Go" is shareware!)
- Deluge 1.2.0 Portable (after its final release)

- Astrolog 5.40 Portable (or other Astrology freeware/open-source)

- Arena 2.0.1 Chess GUI Portable
- OpenArena 0.8.1 Portable

- Secunia PSI Portable
- Runscanner Portable
- Revo Uninstaller 1.83 Portable

- Lunascape 6.0 Beta Portable
- Arora 0.10.1 Portable
- Midori 0.1.8 Portable
- MyIE9 0.75 Portable

- Ashampoo Burning Studio Free 6.76 Portable

- muCommander 0.84 Portable
- Double Commander 0.4.5 Portable
- Unreal Commander 0.96 Portable

- MS Office 2010 Official Beta Portable (just idea, shocking heh)


Thanks for reaction and comments. We will see to hapen how much apps of these
will be paf installed Smiling

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Search the forum...

Some of the suggestions that you have made, either have been made, or are in development.

For example, RSSOWL is in Dev testing IIRC...

Also, bear in mind that some programs may not be possible because of their licensing restrictions...


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again, search our site first.

again, search our site first.

your friendly neighbourhood moderator Zach Thibeau

very few apps were included
Java6u17 - update 16 (older) portable build available
FeedDemon - no portable build available
RSSOwl - extremely old portable build available
BitComet - no portable build available
BitSpirit - no portable build available
Tixati - no portable build available
Halite - extremely old portable build available
Vuze - no portable build available
Deluge - extremely old portable build available
Astrolog - no portable build available
Arena Chess GUI - no portable build available
OpenArena - maybe yes, maybe not
Secunia PSI - no portable build available
RunScanner - no portable build available
Revo Unistaller - extremely old portable build available
Lunascape - no portable build available
Arora - extremely old portable build available
Midori - no portable build available
MyIE9 - no portable build available
Ashampoo Burning Studio Free - no portable build available
muCommander - maybe yes, maybe not
Double Commander - no portable build available
Unreal Commander- no portable build available


You think 3 months is extremely old? Jawdropping!

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... yes, of course! very

... yes, of course! very old!

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