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WarMUX Portable

turn-based war of UNIX mascots

Let's begin the WAR of Mascots from UniX! They'll represent your favorite free software titles while battling it out in the arena using dynamite, grenades, baseball bats, bazookas and more in turn-based combat.

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Version 11.04.1 Rev 2 for Windows, Multilingual
102MB download / 114MB installed (Details)

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ScreenshotExterminate your opponent in a 2D environment with toon-style scenery. Each player controls the team of his choice (penguin, gnu, firefox, wilber,...) and must destroy his adversary using more or less casual weapons. Although a minimum of strategy is required to vanquish, WarMUX is really an over-powered weapon game where, turn by turn, each member of each team attempts to produce a maximum of damage to his opponents.

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