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jPortable Browser Switch

enable or disable jPortable's Java browser plugin

jPortable Browser Switch allows you to easily enable or disable the browser plugin bundled with jPortable. Note that it will not enable or disable Java detected on the local machine by your browser.

Download jPortable Browser Switch

Version 1.0 for Windows, English
1MB download / 1MB installed (Details)

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ScreenshotjPortable Browser Switch allows you to easily enable and disable the jPortable Java browser plugin so that you can continue to use Java with apps like LibreOffice Portable while making Java unavailable to your portable browsers like Firefox Portable and Chrome Portable. This can be useful for security reasons or simple convenience.

Important Note: Even with the jPortable Java browser plugin disabled, your browser may use the local machine's Java plugin if Java is installed. It can be disabled within Add-Ons in Firefox; chrome://plugins within Chrome, Iron, or Chromium; about:plugins within Opera and similar locations in other browsers.


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