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xpy Portable

system settings tweaker

xpy is a Windows settings tweaker that allows you to easily disable of services, change behaviors and usability, delete undesired files, and more. xpy is recommended for advanced users and requires admin rights.

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Version 1.3.8 for Windows, Multilingual
1MB download / 1MB installed (Details)

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xpy allows tweaking the default settings to your needs. This includes the disabling of services, changing the behaviour and usability, deleting undesired files, or tweaking programs like Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger. It is recommended to use xpy with care, it's not everybody's solution to make your Windows run better. Use it with care and it will help you making changes to your operating system much quicker.

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Download Details

  • Publisher: whyeye &
  • Date updated: 2014-07-22
  • System Requirements: XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • License: Free / Open Source (Launcher: GPL, App: BSD)
  • Source Code: Launcher, xpy
  • MD5 Hash: 5aee39ad455f932a92e290b1141c7861