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Upcoming .NET Portable App List

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Upcoming .NET Portable App List

Below is a list of requested, in progress and in testing .NET-based portable apps.

Test Releases:


  • Eraser 6.x (will be 'Eraser Pro')
  • HandBrake
  • KeePass 2.0 (will be 'KeePass Pro')

Request List:

When requesting apps, please follow this format:

Program: AppName
License: GPL

Please follow this format for apps that have been created:

AppName Portable 1.2.3 Dev Test 1

Please create a thread in the Beta Testing forum and have the link point to that.

App Listing Notes

Keep in mind that .NET apps aren't considered fully portable due to several issues. We will be adding a .NET apps section to the Portable App Directory shortly and listing .NET apps there along with a portability warning.

This list is updated by agdurrette and other admins. Apps are removed from comments as they are added to the above list.

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Suggestion for Naming .NET Apps


above I read that the .NET versions of Eraser and KeePass will be named "Eraser Pro" and "KeePass Pro".
Is there a specific reason why they have the ending "Pro" and not ".NET"?
In my eyes "Eraser .NET" and "KeePass .NET" are better than "Eraser Pro" and "KeePass Pro".



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I have to agree that a .NET

I have to agree that a .NET name rather than Pro seems more logical. That way you'd essentially know by the name that it needs .NET to run. All too often, Pro in app names means $$ so it could be confused that way, too. My $.02...

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it is gr8

hey friend,
it is huge and great list of portable apps,
are they able to download in android ?

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Little disc cleaner

Little disc cleaner is my best portable app so far. Loving it.

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How to request apps

Hello everyone,

in this article, you define the format in which requests should be sent, but no clue about where to send them to.

I would like to request a few apps:


Program: Fiddler2
License: Custom (Freeware)

I think these are not .NET software

Program: ImgBurn
License: Custom (Freeware)

Program: mRemoteNG
License: GNU GPL v2

Program: Wireshark
License: GNU GPL v2

Thank you very much

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at least wireshark is not very useful if portable as it can only work on computers where the pcap driver is preinstalled.

So it can be used almost only on your own computer.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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A few Requests

Program: Juffed Text Editor
License: GNU GPL v2

Program: Programmers Notepad

The programmer has a portable addition for download but it would be nice to have it updates integrated using the portable apps update/launcher.

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No Requests Here

Requests go in the Request Apps forum. But we are not yet accepting .NET apps for request. This thread is only for .NET apps that are already packaged and ready.

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Explorador FF - It's already packaged and ready

Explorador FF Portable 5.4 Dev Test 1

Wm ...
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KeePass as sample app

Would I be right in thinking KeePass might be the sample app for .NET conversion?

Everyone has something they need a password for these days, right?

Most of the other apps aren't something I use every day. A good password manager is an essential.

Mind you, I'm sticking with Win XP for the foreseeable future, how many PA users prefer stuff they know works?



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Suggestion for release & new section in PA directory

It seems like it would save a lot of support grief if you guys find a way to make it blatantly obvious that users get, install then run dotNETInspector Portable ( on any machine they're using before they try to use the new .NET apps. Some may not be aware of that handy little tool!

I also renew my concern with naming .NET apps "Pro" due to confusion it might create with users not realizing that .NET is required & that 'Pro" doesn't relate to cost.

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Thanks for the kind words

Thanks for the kind words about dotNETInspector, but when .NET apps do become officially supported here the PortableApps Launcher itself will be doing the .NET version detection for you.

Sean At Work
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Reaction to Paint.NET Portable

It would be great to see this addition to the available graphics utilities, not that we don't have a great choice available to us already. As someone who used Paint.NET extensively in my video projects, it is an invaluable application to have on your system.

Just one note though. Will the version mentioned above be the release version, because Paint.NET has since been updated?

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One thing about Paint.Net is

One thing about Paint.Net is it started as a research project by a developer Rick Brewster as a graduate project through Washington State University, and sponsored by Microsoft. Too much info but it's focus has always served as a bleeding edge showcase of the latest .Net features.
Consequently, new versions of the program can end support for older Windows versions if the latest .Net is not available for a Windows version.

2.72 Windows 2000 last supported version
3.5.5 Windows XP Service Pack 3 + .Net 4.0
4.0 requires Windows 7 SP1 and newer + .Net 4.5.1
4.0.9 requires .Net 4.6
I'm on a locked down computer at work and can't install the latest .Net

There's very few apps in the world that are this bleeding edge. Maybe Visual Studio itself :/

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Try this one?
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Please support logexpert
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.NET support ETA?

I'm sorry if this information is available somewhere. I couldn't find it. Do we know when .NET support is expected to happen?

Metalogic Software

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Hello John,

Hello John,

you really do a great job here!
I use PortableApps at home, at work and at my friends (when they need some help).
I really miss KeePass .Net and also Eraser .Net

I think now time is ready where .Net Apps can be released.
Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 have a huge majority and Windows XP is officially no longer supported by Microsoft and is only used by a minority of users.

Here are some current values:

  • Windows 10: 6.63 %
  • Windows 8 + 8.1: 13.32 %
  • Windows 7: 56.53 %
  • Windows XP: 12.21 %


I know that many people are still using Windows XP where .Net is not installed.
But a huge majority (76.48 Wacko has .Net installed and would benefit from Portable .Net Apps.
Why should a small minority (12.21 Wacko be the reason that we all don't have Portable .Net Apps?

If you offer .Net apps, then most users benefit from it, they can use it.
And if an Windows XP user starts an Portable .Net App he gets an error message that .Net is required.
So when Windows XP users download and install an Portable .Net App, the PortableApps Platform should show a warning that .Net is required.

Please, John, think about it.
I really think time is ready for Portable .Net Apps.



Ken Herbert
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Still coming

John is just trying to plan and implement .NET support to be as user-friendly and inclusive as possible.

There was a recent post about it here if you are interested in exactly where he is up to with this feature.

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Any interest to add a new IRC

Any interest to add a new IRC client? Options on portableapps are a little limited currently:

PChat - discontinued project, should be removed IMO.
KVIrc - last update from 2012.
Pidgin - doesn't count as a real irc client.

I suggest AdiIRC (, .net based and very active development as you can see in changelog


Program: AdiIRC
License: ?


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ShareX Portable 10.5.0

ShareX Portable 10.5.0 Development Test 1

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I saw that Kinovea was on your list.
There is an experimental portable version available if this helps with development.

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