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Got a suggestion for an app that should be portable? Post it here.

Waterfox (Not Classic) Portable

Submitted by John0877 on October 21, 2023 - 12:43am

I and Im sure many others would really like if this was added. I have tried the illegal site release and just dumped over the latest G6 files and overwrote the version files and it worked but I dont like the layout and they have some things locked down like app updates and custom stylesheets (userChrome.css file) dont work even with the flag forced to true.



Aciago's picture
Submitted by Aciago on October 9, 2023 - 9:09am

The windows app WeekToDo is an open source planner that looks very good and is very easy to use and I would like to request it as a portable app.
Thank you very much in advance.


Submitted by woldo on September 29, 2023 - 5:31am

I just discovered a very promising app for music and/or education - free and open source, available for WIndows, MacOs and Linux!
Citation from the website header:
PianoBooster is a fun way of playing along with a musical accompaniment and at the same time learning the basics of reading musical notation. The difference between playing along to a CD or a standard MIDI file is that PianoBooster listens and follows what you are playing on a MIDI piano keyboard.