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getting and installing audacity plugins

Submitted by rocket888 on November 28, 2022 - 5:54pm

I just upgraded to the audacity portable 3.2.1 and I see there are now real-time effects. However, none are installed with the portable version, as far as I can tell.

Where can I find these realtime plugins (it would be nice to install a whole batch at once). In the 3.2 intro video, it shows many of these effect plugins in the effects panel on the side. Mine shows none, with a button to get effects.

TEncoder too old ffmpeg

Submitted by szekitom on November 10, 2022 - 12:35pm

I tried some ffmpeg parameters (eg. loudnorm) and got an error: No souch filter: 'loudnorm'
It's really strange because the command line version understood it. I found the answer in TEncoderPortable/App/Tencoder64/FFMpeg folder. THe ffmpeg version is 2015!!!
It's I don't believe it. Why?

[Closed] ShotCut Portable Crash-to-Desktop using help

Gizmokid2005's picture
Submitted by Gizmokid2005 on November 3, 2022 - 5:22pm

With a fresh install or an existing install of Shotcut 22.10.22, pressing "?" from the main window, or invoking Help -> "Actions and Shortcuts" causes the application to crash to desktop.

Both the 22.10.22 and the 22.10.25 portable version downloaded from Shotcut directly does not exhibit the same behavior.

Install Path: I:\PortableApps\PortableApps\ShotcutPortable
New installation
Windows version: 10 Pro 21H2 64-bit

OBS Studio - plugin load error

Submitted by ceroni on October 14, 2022 - 9:45pm

I'm getting this plugin load error:

The following OBS plugins failed to load:
Please update or remove these plugins

Looking at \OBSPortable\App\obs-studio\obs-plugins\64bit one can find two files that aren't present in OBS: decklink-ouput-ui.dll and decklink-ouput-ui.pdb. (n.b. the missing T in output)

Additionally, there are two other files that are present in OBS: decklink-output-ui.dll and decklink-output-ui.pdb.