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Mnemosyne Portable

flashcard memorization tool

Mnemosyne is a feature-rich flashcard memorization tool. It uses an advanced algorithm to determine when each card should be shown to maximize effectiveness.

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ScreenshotThe Mnemosyne software resembles a traditional flash-card program to help you memorise question/answer pairs, but with an important twist: it uses a sophisticated algorithm to schedule the best time for a card to come up for review. Difficult cards that you tend to forget quickly will be scheduled more often, while Mnemosyne won't waste your time on things you remember well. There are dozens of card sets available on the app homepage.

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Download Details

  • Publisher: Mnemosyne team &
  • Date Updated: 2018-01-17
  • System Requirements: Vista/7/8/10
  • License: GPL (Launcher and App)
  • Source Code: Launcher, Mnemosyne
  • MD5 Hash: dd5fdecb4431e4469b22c7d068041135