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Install to PC

Submitted by Frank D. Hubeny on December 15, 2006 - 7:37am

Hello Group;

I just found a feature of AutoStart that I realy do like. You can install it to your PC. Then on start up the icon is already in the system tray. You plug the drive in and you are off and runing.

Is this feature avaliable with Johns. I know you can make a short cut but on net worked drives on start up the shortcut does not seem to work after a cold boot. The AutoSart featue does.

I am asking about this because not all of us run a PC where the autorun feature works.

Frank D. Hubeny


Submitted by voigts on December 14, 2006 - 3:36am

I just installed the portable apps menu. When I click on documents/music/etc icon nothing comes up. I am not sure how to save documents to these folders so I can access them on the go later. Additionally, when I click the backup folder nothing happens. Any help for a newbie would be great. Thanks

Rename and not Display .exe

Submitted by michel-b on December 10, 2006 - 4:17am


fist i must say its a very nice program,
but i have 3-4 questions:
1. can i rename the Name of the Program in the menue?
2. if i have more .exe files (in one Folder) and wont not display all in the menue, what can i do?

i know this things are always discussed in the forum but for me it will be nice if it works

3. i want to create subfolders in the menue for better clearness.
and last (its not so important)
4. it will be nice if i can use batch files (perhaps change icons will be very nice).

Customise Folders + Setting a local homepage

Submitted by Foomandoonian on December 5, 2006 - 3:40pm

I don't use my key to store Images, Music and Videos, but I do work on a lot of websites and like to manage them all from my key. PortableApps Menu is fantastic, but it would be nice if I could rename the Images, Music and Videos folders to whatever I need, and change the icons myself. I'm sure others would find this useful too.

Also, I would like to use a self-made html page as my browsers default homepage (to link to all the websites stored on my key), but because the the drive letter can vary I can't make this consistent. Any ideas?


Submitted by fiskern on December 5, 2006 - 2:26pm

I love the PAM. I have used U3 for some time, but have switched to PAM and I'm using it for several hours a day. I'm in love!

It is only one thing I'm missing; I like the security on my U3 stick. If the PAM could be password protected it would be nice. If someone stole my memory stick I would like to know that they have trouble getting any information out of it.

Would this be possible to fulfill?

OSI certified...source? (reprise)

Submitted by bjor on December 4, 2006 - 11:30am

John T. Haller--It's been a week and a half since I first requested the source code. I understand if "sourceforge borked it" the first time, but now please give us the source or at least an ETA! You can't release software as OSS and then withhold the source code! You read the forums and reply frequently, so please grace us with a reply here! Something better than "just wait," preferably. I really like the app but there are a few small things that make it unusable for me. Thanks.

Feature request: "lite graphics" menu

Submitted by tvierling on December 4, 2006 - 10:35am

One of the great advantages of portable apps is that they can run in a permissions-limited environment such as a terminal server. The problem with the Suite menu is that in such an environment, the rich gradient-based framing graphics, background image, and fade effect are major bandwidth hogs (and can really slow down the menu's usability over a slower network display link).

John, could you (pretty please...) add a setting that will provide a menu trimmed of background, framing graphics, and visual effects? It could perhaps be shrunk down to a solid color titlebar with the dynamic arrow ball logo.