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LibreOffice can't see Java RE due to deeper folder

Submitted by Anton_D on January 22, 2023 - 9:23pm

After installing jPortable (both x86 and x64) I see (in Java or Java64 folder) a folder with name “jre1.8.0_361” and folder “bin“ inside. This way it couldn’t be seen by LibreOffice, so I have to move “bin” folder one level up. This behavior is present from the jre1.8.0_341 on.

[moved from Outdated Apps thread comment by mod JTH]

Autoruns Portable 14.09 Rev 2 - old version for Windows 7

Submitted by AbsolutelyRandom on November 9, 2022 - 3:48pm

I've just noticed that Rev 2 update caused to use an older version of Autoruns (13.1) on my Windows 7 x64. I have been using v14 with no issues so far. Before the Rev2 update, I wasn't even aware that the app dropped support for older OS. Is it really necessary for Win 7 to use the older version? I really miss the dark mode which was introduced in v14.

[Fixed] TCPView 4.17 Rev 3 not running on Win7 64-bit

Submitted by AbsolutelyRandom on November 9, 2022 - 2:47pm

I've just downloaded and installed the latest update for TCPView. Previously I was using Rev 2 which worked fine. With Rev 3 I get an error message at launch: "TCPView Portable cannot be started. You may wish to re-install to fix this issue. (ERROR: App\TCPView\TCPView64.exe could not be found)".
My OS is Windows 7 x64.

Process Explorer 17.0 will not install

Submitted by mrw2day on November 5, 2022 - 11:35am

I had the previous Process Explorer 16.x.x installed but I have tried upgrade to 17.0 and at the end of the installation I get a warning that the download is not valid. I download the PE 17.0 paf.exe directly and get same results. I uninstalled my 16.x.x version and attempt fresh install of PE 17.0 and get same result. I tried reinstalling version 16.x.x and get the same message.

I copied version 16.x.x from a backup into the portableapps folder and it opens fine.

I am running windows 10 64bit and it is up to date.

RBTray don't work

Submitted by Craftsman on October 27, 2022 - 9:46am

I updated RBTray today and the hotkeys for minimizing the WIN-ALT-DOWN ARROW window stopped working for me.
Used the old version for a couple of years. Can I somehow roll back the update? Is there a list of versions of this program in portableapps somewhere?

I tried to download from github, but those versions also do not turn off by WIN-ALT-DOWN ARROW.