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Chromium Portable

Submitted by Virgo77 on October 15, 2018 - 2:21pm

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if you were OK if I could give (and maybe update) the Chromium Stable Browser? As it has been retired of PortableApps, because it was not upgraded still v61, so I found a continuous official project and created a PortableApps format with both 32 and 64 bits versions.
I tested it at home and it works as the old 61 version, but in v69. The PAF exe can update the old one you 'maybe' still have in your PA dir.

Opera crash on startup

Submitted by aben on September 27, 2018 - 6:34am

I'm having issues with Opera crashing with the error "The application was unable to start correctly 0xc000007b".
Opera was installed using the portableapps menu (installed the paf.exe).
Portable apps version is 15.02 on Win10 x64 1803. Potplayer also gives the same problem.

Any ideas?

Chrome PA only as installer? No offline package any more?

Submitted by pstein on September 14, 2018 - 11:57am

In the past Chrome was released as full portable offline installer. See here:

Since v69 only an installer is available. See here:

I hate installers which (down)load additional stuff from remote servers.
So I prefer a full package.

Chrome 48.0 (Win XP) - Your preferences can not be read.

Submitted by portableapps. on September 11, 2018 - 12:01pm

I have Google Chrome (48.0.2564.116) Portable installed, and I use it on Windows XP. This is the most current version which works on Win XP, so I cannot update to the latest version (or any version newer than 48.0.2564.116).


As of a couple of days ago, every time I start up Chrome, it gives me a popup windows saying,

Your preferences can not be read.
Some features may be unavailable and changes to preferences won't be saved.