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Opera Portable Legacy 12

web browser

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Version 12.18 for Windows, Multilingual
13MB download / 40MB installed
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Runs anywhere (cloud, removable, local) without 'installing'. Use the Platform for easy installs and automatic updates.

Also Available: Opera Portable, Opera Portable Legacy 36

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Opera is a fast and free browser with advanced bookmarking, search, and personalization options.

App Notes

Security Note: This version of Opera is provided as a convenience. This version is likely insecure and is not currently receiving updates from the publisher. It is recommended that end users switch to another browser for ongoing support.


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Download Details

  • Publisher: Opera Software &
  • Date Updated: 2016-02-16
  • Date Added: 2010-07-29
  • System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • App License: Freeware (Personal and business use)
  • Source: Launcher, Installer
  • SHA256 Hash: 12f6c5af39da6f74287d2ffc520735c49be9602c166aae516945778984dc6153

Opera, Portable Edition is packaged with permission from Opera Software. Opera™ is a trademark of Opera Software.