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CoolPlayer+ Portable

the lightweight, portable audio player

CoolPlayer+ Portable is a super-lightweight MP3, OGG and FLAC audio player with a custom theme.

M3U File Vulnerability (2008-07-31): Please note that the underlying CoolPlayer app is vulnerable to a buffer overlow via a specially crafted M3U file. It is recommended that you do not open M3U files that you did not create yourself or trust the source of and be absolutely sure not to set CoolPlayer as the handler for M3U files on your system. This warning applies to all known variants and packages of CoolPlayer.

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CoolPlayer+ Portable ScreenshotCoolPlayer+ Portable is an easy to use audio player with lots of great features:

  • Custom Skin by NeoRame with support for standard, equalizer and shade mode (fits into a Windows titlebar)
  • Simple User Interface
  • Advanced Playlist editor
  • Internet streaming
  • ID3 Multitagger
  • File Renamer
  • Fast mp3->wav converter
  • MAD mpeg engine
  • OGG Vorbis support
  • FLAC support
  • Winamp input plugins support
  • Smallest executable programmed in blazing fast 'C'
  • Continuous play
  • 8 band convolution equalizer
  • Lot's more...

CoolPlayer+ Portable is based on CoolPlayer.


osi_certified.pngFor help getting CoolPlayer+ Portable up and running, please read the following:

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