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FreeFileSync Portable

synchronize files and folders

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Version 6.2 for Windows, Multilingual
6MB download / 23MB installed
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FreeFileSync Portable can run from a cloud folder, external drive, or local folder without installing into Windows. It's even better with the Platform for easy installs and automatic updates.

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Make a Donation - Support's development and hosting


FreeFileSync lets you both compare and synchronize files and folders. It supports copying of locked files (Volume Shadow Copy Service), symbolic link support, NTFS permissions syncing, long paths, multiple configurations and jobs, and lots more.

App Notes

Later Versions Broken and Pay-For-Portable: All versions of FreeFileSync after 6.2 are broken and can't be run from other apps. This prevents packaging, use of the base portable version with menus like the Platform, use of the local version with a scheduler, use of the local version with an alternative start menu, etc. Details are in this bug report from March 7, 2014 which the publisher did not address. The current version of FreeFileSync can not be used portably without paying a fee, is no longer fully open source, and may be in violation of the GPL.

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