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Firefox Portable

FirefoxPortable on Windows 10?

Submitted by cbaxterm on April 30, 2021 - 10:30am

I am using FirefoxPortable v88. This works perfectly under Windows 7 but when the same flash drive is started using Windows 10 64-bit I receive the following message:

"You've launched an older version of Firefox
Using an older version of Firefox can corrupt bookmarks and browsing history already saved to an existing Firefox profile. To protect your information, create a new profile for this installation of Firefox.
[Exit] [Create New Profile]

Firefox portable has problems with some authority's certificate

Submitted by kanu on April 30, 2021 - 9:13am

For example
That's the Spanish Government's Ministry of Justice website. While trying to load the browser finds a certificate but it spits SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER and the web won't go HTTPS.

I guess this won't be the only official website that has this problem.

Enterprise policies

Submitted by damasko on April 2, 2021 - 3:40am

Hello, I used to have FF portable on my usb drive (bitlocker enabled) running on the Win10pro company laptop (Lenovo T14).
Today I notice that some settings are working no more, disappeared or greyed out and displaying "managed by your organization". For example, I lost the Mozilla account login for the sync.
The policy values are the following.
I supposed that being a portable app, the resident OS would not touch it, is there a way to avoid such interference by the company?

Can not open multiple Firefox Portable browsers at the same time

Submitted by rick400tec on March 15, 2021 - 12:23pm

error says already running.
installed firefox portable in separate folders so i can hopefully log into websites like microsoft and google with different accounts in different browsers at the same time accessing all google apps under that one email address. I use sperate browsers for credentials and project management with saved tabs where i left off.
I have changed ini allow multiple instances to 'true'
I have renamed firefox portable.exe (successfully) and sub folders(32/64) firefox.exe (unsuccessfully) programs to unique names

Updating FirefoxPortable.exe

Submitted by DrStrange on March 12, 2021 - 8:58am

I use a program called SUMo from to keep my programs up to date. I notice with Firefox Portable, SUMo checks what is the current version of FirefoxPortable.exe that is in the FireFoxPortable folder. However, if you use the Help>About menu from within Firefox Portable to update, FireFox Portable does update itself ok but does not update FirefoxPortable.exe, meaning that SUMo still thinks that Firefox needs updated.

Launching a 2nd Firefoxportable instance launches the 1st instance

Submitted by dwaynek on March 11, 2021 - 1:14am

i have many different firefoxportable in different folders. but recently this keeps happening whereby launching a 2nd firefoxportable will launch the 1st instance and thus a blank new window of the 1st instance instead of the 2nd instance.

Closing the 1st instance will resolve this but this shouldn't be happening. why is the 1st instance interfering with the launch of the 2nd instance?

these are the settings in all of my firefoxportable dirs: