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Firefox Portable

Start Firefox ignoring plugins of the running system

Submitted by Holgi-568 on March 20, 2023 - 9:29am

I searched for a answer to my question, but I found not a working solution.
It is possible to start the firefox portable version with a paramter or something else without searching for installed plugins of the Windows operation system. (-no-remote does not work). The best solution would be the use of the .ini file.
This is for me a possibility to have a look on a website with and without plugins.
Thanks for reaction

Firefox ESR Portable x32 - why not?

Submitted by Grizzled on March 19, 2023 - 7:15am

Good day to all!
I'm interested in the question, what is the reason for the refusal of the x32 version of Firefox ESR?
The browser is already going through hard times, because of the not very clear and not popular decisions of the developers ... But you are there too.
For myself, I found a way out, figured out how to make Firefox ESR Portable x32 from your assembly.
So, here comes the second question. Why are there settings in your assembly that have not been supported by Mozilla for a long time?

FIDO U2F issue

Submitted by NDL on March 17, 2023 - 6:08am

Using a Yubikey for FIDO U2F has been broken since 110.01 and still broken on 111.0

Works fine in 'Full Fat' Chrome and allegedly works on in 'Full Fat' Firefox (not tested it personally but Yubico Support Team have)

Can fallback to OTP via the Yubikey but FIDO U2F is much more convenient and has worked fine for several years on previous builds of FF Portable.

A fix would be great Smile

All FF-Portables are crammed together suddenly instead of several instances

Submitted by froxie on February 28, 2023 - 9:04am


For ages, I'm using Firefox_1.exe, Firefox_2.exe etc. having two separate instances of Firefox available.

But suddenly a few weeks ago, this wouldn't work anymore: Firefox instances are crammed in a single Firefox-Icon on the toolbar even though the exe-files have different names Beee
Well, I had to add "-no-remote" in order to be able to start more than one of them...
Otherwise I haven't changed anything.

Windows 10 Mail

Submitted by BillyDick on February 16, 2023 - 11:49am

After discovering, downloading, and using portable Firefox for a few days, I've discovered an anomaly!!
Using the installed version, whenever I clicked a link external to Firefox (Windows 10 Mail, etc.), it opened in a new Firefox tab.
With the portable version, clicking the link now brings up a new instance of Firefox!
I've made sure all the Tab settings are checked and Firefox is my Default browser!

Any helo would be appreciated!

Windows 10 Pro
Windows Mail
Firefox Portable 110.0

Firefox can't update anymore

Submitted by yalp on February 16, 2023 - 2:45am

Hi, since version 109, FF started to have problems with the auto update feature.
If I go to About menu entry, FF tries to check for updates online and, after a while, it replies with this message: "Failed to check for updates".

Strange thing: when I open FF the symbol for a new update availability appears on the command bar option button (a green circle over the three lines). But if I follow the advise, FF offers to download the new version to manually update it.

How to Shrink Firefox Portable Installation

msaroff's picture
Submitted by msaroff on February 9, 2023 - 6:55pm

When I unzip my FF Portable Installation, it's rather large, 210G with 46,594 Files and 31,274 Folders.

I deleted the cache before making the installation, what else can I remove? The unzip time is about 20 minutes because of all the tiny files being extracted.

it runs fine after loading, it's just that what I have isn't really portable.

Running Win 10 64 bit.