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Closed Bugs

Bugs that were invalid, unreproducible, or attributable to user error

Posted Updated Bug Title Forum
2011-02-22 2012-08-18 [Closed] Skype won't remember language selection (... General Discussion
2011-02-17 2011-03-11 [Closed] Google Chrome 9.0.597.98 - update extensions d... Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-02-02 2011-07-20 [Closed] mysterious platform crash (Stack Overflow) Platform
2010-10-26 2011-08-13 [Closed] Any suggestions on which apps to portablize? Request Apps
2010-08-03 2010-08-03 [Closed] gvimPortable “-f” option does not work Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2010-07-12 2010-07-12 [Closed] Installer Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2010-07-08 2010-07-08 [Closed] 4.0b1 commandeers Win7 taskbar icon for local... Firefox Portable
2010-07-05 2010-07-08 [Closed] Installer 2.02 Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2010-04-12 2010-04-12 [Closed] PA.c Installer, DownloadFiles, FTP & $PLUG... Platform
2010-04-09 2010-04-12 [Closed] uTorrent 2.0 is NOT a portable application Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2010-02-12 2010-02-12 [Closed] FirefoxPortable2ndProfile works only with defa... Firefox Portable
2010-01-21 2010-01-21 [Closed] IcoFX Portable 1.6.4 Explorer Context Menu Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2008-09-14 2013-07-31 [Closed] Xenon Template Adding does not Work Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2008-08-15 2011-05-11 [Closed] WinSCP Portable won't launch Putty Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2008-04-07 2013-03-02 [Closed] AbiWord: AbiCollab.Profile file left behind Office Apps Support
2007-03-23 2007-04-04 [Closed] Naming Competition (Official) [Winner Announce... General Discussion