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Closed Bugs

Bugs that were invalid, unreproducible, or attributable to user error

Posted Updated Bug Title Forum
2011-12-15 2011-12-15 [Closed] Suggestion - Application selection in the sear... Platform
2011-12-10 2011-12-10 [Closed] Search function adds random symbol Platform
2011-12-09 2013-01-02 [Closed] PortableApp Menu crashes when coming back from... Platform
2011-12-09 2011-12-09 [Closed] Invalid Chacter when starting to type Platform
2011-11-23 2011-11-23 [Closed] Sophos Endpoint Security and Control v9.7 iden... Platform
2011-11-22 2011-11-22 [Closed] KeePass: Windows 7 taskbar shows v1.18 for v1.... Security Apps Support
2011-11-07 2011-11-07 [Closed] multiple plugin locations handling Firefox Portable
2011-11-01 2011-11-01 [Closed] FileZilla: log file left behind in portable dr... Internet Apps Support
2011-10-25 2012-01-14 [Closed] [Closed][PA.c Launcher] Exact sequence of laun... Portable App Development
2011-10-18 2011-10-18 [Closed] PAI & Plugin installers Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-10-18 2011-10-18 [Closed] PAL, PAI & CommonFiles Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-10-17 2014-03-09 [Closed] Inkscape Portable 0.48.2-1 sets language to En... Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-09-21 2011-09-21 [Closed] New Unicode NSIS - Too many includes. Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-09-21 2011-09-22 [Closed] Impossibility to use the new feature "Rem... Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-08-17 2011-08-17 [Closed] Firefox 6.0 incompatible with JRE 6 Update 26 Firefox Portable
2011-08-16 2011-09-08 [Closed] Latest Maxthon Portable Won't Start Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-08-02 2011-08-02 [Closed] Incorrect ordering on apps update window Platform
2011-07-31 2011-08-01 [Closed] Eraser and EraserDrop issues Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-07-28 2011-07-28 [Closed] Speedcrunch wrong category in appinfo.ini Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-07-26 2011-09-01 [Closed] PuTTY: Multiple Instances Internet Apps Support
2011-06-03 2011-06-05 [Closed] Platform - Stopped working an... Platform
2011-04-20 2011-04-21 [Closed] Transparent corners in default themes are pink Platform
2011-03-31 2011-05-07 [Closed] Thunderbird under Wine graphical issues General Discussion
2011-03-22 2011-03-22 [Closed] Spybot - Search & Destroy Portable mess: d... Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-03-06 2011-03-26 [Closed] Notepad++ delay in saving, "Not respondin... Other Apps Support (Deprecated)