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Portable Emulators

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Portable Emulators

Windows machines can do a lot more than just run windows programs and the USB ports can be used for a lot more than just recharging your peripherals and transferring data. Here is a list of Emulators available from Almost all of these are in the beta stage or listed as development test, but they seem to work just fine.

Do not ask about ROM or BIOS files.
Do not post links to ROM sites.

Video Game Console Emulators

DeSmuME Portable: plays Nintendo DS games and homebrew

Dolphin Emulator Portable: plays Wii and GameCube games

ePSXe Portable: plays Sony PlayStation games through a system of plugins

FCEUX Portable: plays NES, Famicon and Famicon Disk System games

higan Portable: supports Famicom, Super Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance as well as Super Game Boy, BS-X Satellaview and Sufami Turbo

Kega Fusion Portable: plays Sega SG1000, SC3000, SF7000, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis/Megadrive, SVP, Pico, SegaCD/MegaCD and 32X

MAME Portable: emulates multiple Arcade machines (Newer version posted by Mancus Nemo near the bottom)

MAMEUIFX Portable: Arcade games emulator with HiScore support.

Mednafen 0.8D Portable: plays Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket (Color), WonderSwan, GameBoy (Color), GameBoy Advance, Nintendo Entertainment System, Virtual Boy, PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 (CD), SuperGrafx, PC-FX, Sega Game Gear, and Sega Master System games

Mednaffe Portable: plays Lynx, NGPocket(Color), WonderSwan, GameBoy (Color), GBA, NES, SNES, Virtual Boy, PCE/TG16 (CD), SuperGrafx, PC-FX, Sega Game Gear, Master System, Mega Drive/Genesis, and Sony Playstation.

Mupen64Plus Portable: cross-platform plugin-based N64 emulator

no$gba (nocashgba) Portable: it is a free Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance emulator

QMC2 for MAME/MESS/UME Portable: this is a multi-platform GUI front end for several M.A.M.E., M.E.S.S. and U.M.E. variants.

Project64 Portable: plays Nintendo64 games

RetroArch Portable: can play Arcade games; Atari: 2600 and Lynx; Bandai: WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color; NEC: TurboGraphx-16 and TurboGraphx-CD; Nintendo: NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC, GBA and VirtualBoy; Sega: Master System, Genesis , Sega CD and Game Gear; SNK: NeoGeo and NeoGeo Pocket; Sony Playstation; DOS, Cave Story, Dinothawr, Doom 1 and 2, Meteor, and Quake.

ScummVM Portable: plays classic point and click adventure games

Snes9x Portable: plays Super Nintendo and Super Famicon games

Stella Portable: plays Atari 2600 games

ResidualVM Portable: a cross-platform 3D game interpreter for Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island.

VisualBoy Advance-M Portable: plays GameBoy, GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance Games

ZSNES 1.42 Portable: emulates Super Nintendo and Super Famicon and supports netplay

ZSNES 1.51 Portable: SNES/Super Famicon emulator without netplay support or

Useful or Interesting Components

AntiMicro Portable: setup gamepad or joystick mappings with keys and mouse controls

AutoHotKey Portable: create hotkeys for keyboard, joystick and mouse or

Caffeine Portable: prevents computer from sleeping or going to screensaver

D-Fend Reloaded Portable: tools that make setting up DOSBox easier for beginners.

DirectX End-User Runtimes Portable: these runtimes are needed for some emulators (Dolphin, Snes9x, VBA-M MFE version) 64bit systems need both the 32bit and 64bit variants.

Game Booster Portable: helps to optimize system performance while playing a game or running a program

GameSave Manager Portable: backs up your save data

Javascript Gameboy Portable: instructions on how to play GameBoy games through a portable browser

RetroArch in your web browser: play GameBoy, Genesis, Lynx, SNES and GBA games through a web browser, as well as Tyrquake and Arcade games through FinalBurn Alpha

ScummVM Tools Portable: tools that may be useful to use in conjunction with ScummVM.

Xfire Portable: chat, record gameplay, take screenshots, broadcast your game live all from in the game.

Portable Games: listed by category

Computer and Calculator Emulators

BeebEm Portable: BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator

Bochs IA-32: emulates a virtual 32bit x86 PC

DOSBox Portable: runs old school PC games and DOS programs (the only officially released emulator here)

Linux Launcher: virtual Linux emulation

Mac-on-a-Stick: tutorial to set up the Mac on a stick

Mini vMac Portable: virtual Macintosh emulator

WinVICE: Commodore 64 and various other old computer emulator

WinUAE: instructions to make the Amiga emulator portable

WindowsCE Portable: links to instructions on how to make a portable WindowsCE emulation

TiEmu: TI 68k Graphing Calculators Emulator

VTi Portable: virtual Texas Instruments calculator

Wabbitemu Portable: emulates the Z80: TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83, TI-84, TI-85 and TI-86

Old or Outdated Emulators

BlueMSX: nothing to download, but states this MSX emulator works portably

bsnes Portable: outdated, played SNES games, download not working

DeSmuME Portable: plays Nintendo DS games and homebrew (old releases, but download still works) and

ePSXe Portable: played PlayStation games but the download link is broken

FakeNES Portable: outdated, played NES games, no working download links or

MAMEUI HiScore Portable: would have played Arcade games but has no download link

Nestopia: outdated, played NES games but the download is broken

ZSNES Portable: outdated, played SNES games but the download link no longer works

Some other launchers that are no longer available


I hope this helps some people find what they are looking for. Portable apps are great and the website is excellent! Special thanks go out to all who put effort into creating these works, especially (in no particular order) Zach Thibeau, CODYQX4, darksabre76, Jhonn, Pyromaniac, prapper, winterblood, bill_gagliardi, computerfreaker, scriptdaemon, Gord Caswell and of course John T Haller. Keep up the good work.

If I missed anyone that deserves recognition, I apologize. Feel free to post any other information about emulators or virtualization software or anything else below.

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MAMEUIFX Portable: Arcade games emulator with HiScore support.

MAMEUIFX Portable: Arcade games emulator with HiScore support.

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Added, Updated

Added MAMEUIFX to the main post, as well as Mednaffe and ScummVM Tools. Posted actual links instead of just node numbers.

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ResidualVM is the sister project to ScummVM and the portable version is here:

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Added ResidualVM Portable and boldface type.
Added higan Portable.
Added RetroArch Portable.
Added QMC2.
Added no$gba and Mupen64Plus.

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MAME portable works like a

MAME portable works like a charm
keep it up

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Don't thank me

I appreciate the feedback, but I only put the portable emulators into one easy to find location. Thank those who actually put the portable packages together:

MAME Portable 0.141.3
author: mjashby

MAME Portable 0.142
author (or at least posted it): Mancus Nemo

MAMEUIFX Portable 0.150.0
author: sst

and thank those who made MAME and/or its derivatives.
We all appreciate commentary.

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Added D-Fend Reloaded Portable (2013-12-21)
Updated DeSmuME Portable (2014-01-31)

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ZSNES 1.42

I have created an older version of ZSNES (1.42), as the one posted (1.51) does not support Netplay. I'm just waiting on permission from the 1.51 portable app creator before releasing it.


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It would appear that alysher hasn't been active in a couple of years, so he/she might be unlikely to recieve your request for permission. When/if you do release it, I will update and post a link and description. Is ePSXe going to be released soon, too?

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Yes, I intend to release both at approximately the same time. I'm just working out some final touches with the installer, then they're good to go.

I've emailed the developers of ePSXe asking for permission for distribution with a launcher, but I haven't heard back from them, so I'm not 100% certain of the licensing of ePSXe. Therefore, the release of ePSXe may be a bit delayed.

ZSNES, however, is pretty near finished, and I learned it absolutely hates the AppCompactor, which breaks it. Just a few minor details remain.

Virtual Virgo

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could you make "PCSX -

could you make "PCSX - Reloaded" portable ?
they even give source code

its like clone of epsxe but it have some features better than epsxe

one of them is you can switch games without closing emu and exiting game dont lock ur "load iso\run cd" options under file menu

and also i know that plugins-settings of epsxe saves to registry
will u be able to bypass it and make it save to folder or what ever so after i reinstall windows and move over epsxe plugins will still have same settings as before reinstallation ?

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Online Installer

Without publisher permission, an online installer would work for the ePSXe base app and extract it properly (look at how Kega Fusion does it for details). Unless there are open source plugins to include in the default data folder, users would have to get their own plugins (which is not that bad, since they already need to supply the bios anyway). It also looks like your launcher will be able to handle all of those registry entries when it it ready.

There are a few different options for the app compactor, although without extensive testing it is hard to say what will work. ZSNES is small enough where it shouldn't need to be compacted. If it must be smaller, try compacting only the readme files (which are in both txt and html form).

PCSX - Reloaded does seem remarkably similar to ePSXe, I think I remember them using many of the same plugins. One thing to note is that the game compatibility lists of each emulator are very different. PCSX - Reloaded and ePSXe seem to compliment each other in this regard, in that if a game doesn't work on one, it probably works on the other.

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Thank you.

Thank you, I hadn't considered the license of the ePSXe plugins, and it seems silly of me to not have.

I've meanwhile released my first 'Development Release' of ZSNES, sans-compression, since, as you said, it didn't save much space anyway.


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below is list of games i have

below is list of games i have for playstation

somehow all works just fine on PCSX - Reloaded

while some of them dont work on epsxe and some dont have sound on epsxe

but i think its plugin related issue

Alundra 2 - A New Legend Begins.PBP
Arkanoid Returns.PBP
Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker.PBP
Batman Forever - The Arcade Game.PBP
BattleTanx - Global Assault.PBP
Blaster Master Blast Again.PBP
Bloody Roar 2.PBP
Bloody Roar.PBP
Bomberman World.PBP
Brave Fencer Musashi Bonus Disc.PBP
Brave Fencer Musashi.PBP
Breath of Fire III.PBP
Breath of Fire IV.PBP
Bubble Bobble - featuring Rainbow Islands.PBP
Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition.PBP
Bust-A-Move 4.PBP
Bust-A-Move '99.PBP
C - The Contra Adventure.PBP
Capcom Generations 1 - Wings of Destiny.PBP
Capcom Generations 2 - Chronicles of Arthur.PBP
Capcom Generations 3.PBP
Capcom Generations 4 - Blazing Guns.PBP
Capcom vs. SNK - Millennium Fight 2000 Pro.PBP
Castlevania - Chronicles.PBP
Castlevania - SOTN ADX.PBP
Castlevania - SOTN.PBP
Chrono Trigger.PBP
Codename - Tenka.PBP
Command & Conquer - GDI Disc.PBP
Command & Conquer - NOD Disc.PBP
Command & Conquer - Red Alert (Allies Disc).PBP
Command & Conquer - Red Alert (Soviet Disc).PBP
Contra - Legacy of War.PBP
Cool Boarders 2.PBP
Cool Boarders 3.PBP
Cool Boarders 4.PBP
Cool Boarders - Extreme Snowboarding.PBP
Crash Bandicoot 2.PBP
Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped.PBP
Crash Bandicoot Collection.PBP
Crash Bandicoot.PBP
Crash Bash.PBP
Crash Team Racing.PBP
Croc 2.PBP
Croc - Legend of the Gobbos.PBP
Dare Devil Derby 3D.PBP
Destruction Derby 2.PBP
Destruction Derby.PBP
Disney's Hercules.PBP
Dragon Knight 4.PBP
DragonBall - Final Bout.PBP
DragonBall Z - Ultimate Battle 22.PBP
Dune 2000.PBP
Dynasty Warriors.PBP
ESPN Extreme Games.PBP
Fatal Fury - Wild Ambition.PBP
Fighting Force 2.PBP
Fighting Force.PBP
Gekioh - Shooting King.PBP
Ghost in the Shell.PBP
Gradius Deluxe Pack.PBP
Grand Theft Auto 2.PBP
Grand Theft Auto - London 1969.PBP
Grand Theft Auto.PBP
Guilty Gear.PBP
Gundam Battle Assault 2.PBP
Gundam Battle Assault.PBP
Harvest Moon - Back to Nature.PBP
Hot Wheels - Extreme Racing.PBP
In The Hunt.PBP
Incredible Hulk - The Pantheon Saga.PBP
Ironman & X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal.PBP
King of Fighters '95.PBP
King of Fighters '97.PBP
King of Fighters '98.PBP
King of Fighters '99.PBP
Krazy Ivan.PBP
Kula World.PBP
Legacy of Kain - Blood Omen.PBP
Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver.PBP
Machine Hunter.PBP
Marvel Super Heroes.PBP
Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of the Super Heroes.PBP
Medievil II.PBP
MegaMan 8.PBP
MegaMan Legends 2.PBP
MegaMan Legends.PBP
MegaMan X3.PBP
MegaMan X4.PBP
MegaMan X5.PBP
MegaMan X6.PBP
Monster Trucks.PBP
Mortal Kombat 4.PBP
Mortal Kombat Trilogy.PBP
Moto Racer 2.PBP
Moto Racer.PBP
Namco Museum Vol.1.PBP
Namco Museum Vol.2.PBP
Namco Museum Vol.3.PBP
Namco Museum Vol.4.PBP
Namco Museum Vol.5.PBP
Need for Speed II.PBP
Night Raid.PBP
Pandemonium! 2.PBP
Power Rangers - Geo.PBP
Power Rangers - Lightspeed Rescue.PBP
Power Rangers - Time Force.PBP
Raiden DX.PBP
Raiden Project.PBP
Rapid Reload.PBP
Raycrisis - Series Termination.PBP
Re-Volt - Racing out of Control.PBP
RockMan 1 [Complete Works].PBP
RockMan 2 - Dr. Wily no Nazo [Complete Works].PBP
RockMan 3 - Dr. Wily no Saigo!! [Complete Works].PBP
RockMan 4 - Aratanaru Yabou!! [Complete Works].PBP
RockMan 5 - Blues no Wana!! [Complete Works].PBP
RockMan 6 - Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!! [Complete Works].PBP
R-Type Delta.PBP
SaGa Frontier II.PBP
SaGa Frontier.PBP
Sexy Parodius.PBP
Sonic Wings Arcade.PBP
Sonic Wings Special.PBP
Soul Blade.PBP
Street Fighter - The Movie.PBP
Street Fighter EX2 Plus.PBP
Strider 2.PBP
Strikers 1945 II.PBP
Strikers 1945.PBP
Tales of Destiny.PBP
Tales of Phantasia.PBP
Tekken 2.PBP
Tekken 3.PBP
Tetris Plus.PBP
Thunder Force V.PBP
Transformers - Beast Wars Transmetals.PBP
Transformers - Beast Wars.PBP
Vigilante 8 - 2nd Offense.PBP
Vigilante 8.PBP
WipeOut 3.PBP
WipeOut 2097.PBP
WipeOut XL.PBP
X2 - No Relief.PBP
X-Men vs. Street Fighter.PBP
Zanac X Zanac.PBP

lol i used tag but it did not work why ?

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I can't help you with game-related issues- you'll have to do some research into your problem with your search engine of choice; it isn't a portable app issue, it's a ePSXe issue, so perhaps their forums would have a better answer? Though you are correct, it does sound like a plugin issue (at least for the sound problem).

Also, your tag worked just fine.


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lol i dont ask for help at

lol i dont ask for help at any kind (im able to play that games so why i should need help anyway ?) i just wanted to point the fact that pcsx-r runs so many different games and they works just fine on it so maybe im wrong but i can assume that it runs as much or more games than epsxe

but even so both emus looks like twins i think IN MY PERSONAL OPINION that pcsx-r is better not only by that but also by few little features that epsxe lack

as i mentioned above 1st smart thing is that when u are playing a game u press escape to quit it in epsxe u need to restart emu
in pcsx-r u just click file > load ISO/run cd

but other small but useful thing is that selection of plugis and their settings are managed in 1 window instead of drop down menu like in epsxe

there are few more stuff in pcsx-r that I THINK are better if u compare it to epsxe

anyway what im trying to say is that i would be happy as hell if u or any 1 could make it portable cause its annoying for me to save my configuration and load it via .reg files cause if i make any change i need to save it again manually and i often reinstall windows so i often lose all that data

and many games works better with different plugins or filters so in other words some games need more tweaking than others

even more there is 1 major difference between games with 2d,3d and 2d+3d graphic cause some plugins filter better 2d graphich but leaves pixelated 3d graphich other plugins do the same thing in reverse they sharpen 3d graphic to ps2 lvl but leaves pixelated 2d graphic

so would be cool if i could have 2 folders of this emulator 1 for 2d and 1 for 3d games maybe 3rd for tweaking other games but anyway its retarded as hell that it all takes settings from registry

only work around is to have pre-made .reg file and via .bat file launch it with emulator but make it 1st add settings to registry and than launch emu

and thats just stupid

i need to stop doing long posts Wink

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You're halfway there


You're halfway there, in that if you're doing those things already yourself, you can portablize it on your own as that's all the PortableApps Launcher does- exactly what you already do. Mind you, you'd only have to run 1 executable (the launcher) and it does the rest as far as that goes...

I'm not trying to debate which emulator is better or worse, as it's a matter of opinion. I apologise if I came across that way.

Unfortunately, I find the documentation for the Launcher (and Installer, the Format, etc.) isn't consistent/up to date across the site, and I had a bit of trouble trying to figure it out myself, but like you, I don't usually ask for help. I kept looking at examples and tried to figure out why things did what they did, and what exactly had to go where. It took a lot of 'head-butting' so to speak, trying to almost force myself to understand. It gets easier with practice. So I encourage you to start learning on your own, but in the meantime, I will look at it and give you help as required.

You aren't the only one who needs to stop writing long posts Wink

Virtual Virgo

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wait wait wait before i start

wait wait wait before i start to make another long post let check if i understand you right

so you mean i can make some program portable which is just adding few keys to registry (if i know which keys) with portable launcher??

and instead of adding that keys to registry it will store that kind of data inside its folder ??

well then give me link to some documentation with which i should start Wink

and about epsxe and pcsx-r its like libre and open office

for me someone who just want to open some document eventually change few characters add new line and then print it

its no big difference between them but i think associated icons of libre office looks better

and for someone who is creating new documents working allot with them modifying and need to adjust many text patterns in many different documents than for that person for sure 1 would be better and 1 would just suck

i see in a same way emulators

well grown up on consoles starting from nintendo and now while i grow up and my job is repairing PCs i started to look at every program on a specific way

like 1st of all i care how well it do what it should do so in emulators its how much games it handle and how well it does

and 2nd and sometimes more important than 1st is how much i can adjust it to my needs how many settings i can change

cause i like to customize programs to my personal needs and pcsx-r seems just easier to handle but just in a little bit more way than epsxe

any way if you can guide me on how to portablize anything i would be happy to learn it i dont need you to hold my hand show me some documentation and i think i manage to do something with it Wink

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Documentation Format 3.0 (2014-02-08) Launcher 2.2 Manual (also comes with launcher generator)

Dealing with the Registry

The Launcher 2.2 documentation covers a large part of what you're looking for, and points you to some examples to look at and, I suppose, study from. Instead of jumping in head-first, so to speak, I usually lay out the directories and sample files of what needs to go where (the Format), with comments telling me what needs to go in what file and where, etc. I have a sample AppNamePortable set up with all the possible files and heavy commenting, so I can just change some things here and there, and refer back to other launchers.

Best of luck,


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i reeded some part of links

i reeded some part of links you provided and sub links in them

and i think its too big for me but not impossible Biggrin

from what i understand i need to learn to compile program with portable app launcher (i dont know even what that is but i know what mean launcher) and before that just set it in that way that it will read/save reg keys from file instead of registry

i feel like allot trail and error with more error than trail but 2 morrow i gonna face it

thanks for tips Smile

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Please update the Original Post to reflect ZSNES and ePSXe's revivication:

ZSNES 1.42: Different from 1.51 in that it supports Netplay.

ePSXe 1.9.4:Online installer, does not come with plugins, roms, bios, or other copyrighted material.

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Added ePSXe and ZSNES (2-23-2014)
also some minor edits

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MAME portable works like a

MAME portable works like a charm
keep it up

Lubię nowoczesny i modny design oraz oryginalne gadżety.

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Added AntiMicro, AutoHotKey, Caffeine and minor reorganizations (2014/04/11)
Inserted hypertext references into subsection titles (2014/04/18)
Added Xfire and small reorganizations (2014/05/14)

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MameUI 0.168 Development Test 1

MameUI 0.168 Development Test 1

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Just a heads up

Just a heads up that I no longer have any emulators listed on my thread, so it would be a good idea to remove the link. Or move it under Portable Games as it currently only has Minecraft listed.

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For the NDS games, I always

For the NDS games, I always play the games with the DesmuMe Emulator and for me is the best one and with the new update, the emulator is more good. before playing NDS games I played a little bit of N64 and for that, I use the Mupen64Plus and it was pretty good.

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BizHawk portable Multi Emulation Software for the following Systems:

Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom, Famicom Disk System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Famicom
Nintendo 64
Virtual Boy
Game Boy, Super Game Boy, and Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Sony PlayStation
Sega Master System, Game Gear, and SG-1000
Sega Genesis, Sega-CD
Sega Saturn
NEC PC Engine (AKA TurboGrafx-16), including SuperGrafx and PCE CD
Atari 2600
Atari 7800
Atari Lynx
TI-83 graphing calculator
Neo Geo Pocket
Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color
Apple II
Mattel Intellivision
Commodore 64
ZX Spectrum

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