Happy New Year 2011! New Year, 32 New Apps, New Platform Soon!

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Submitted by John T. Haller on January 1, 2011 - 11:54pm

logoHappy new year from the folks at PortableApps.com! We hope you had a great holiday season and we all wanted to wish you an awesome 2011! In case you missed it, we just finished up with releasing a new app every day in December for what we called 31 Days of App-Ness. The full list of all the great new apps is below. But we've got even better news, we're just going to keep releasing new apps. We've had so much fun and had so many people enjoying them, we figured we'd just keep on going. So, today saw another new app. So will tomorrow. And for the folks eager to get their hands on the new PortableApps.com Platform, the release is coming up shortly. We'll announce it on our RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, homepage and in our newsletter, so keep an eye on one to find out right away. For the complete details on the new apps and the upcoming platform update, please read on...

New Apps - 32 and Counting!

Since December 1st, we've released a new portable app every day. If you've been busy with the holidays, you might have missed one or two. So, here's a quick recap for everybody:




Graphics & Pictures



We couldn't have done all of that without the new developers we've brought on board to help with app releases. You'll find the full list on our team page. So, please join me in thanking them for the work they are doing. Also, we couldn't have done it without the new publishers we've brought on board who either gave us permission to portablize their software or used out tools to make it portable themselves. When the publisher of a piece of software you enjoy joins the PortableApps.com universe, please be sure and thank them.

New Platform Nearly Complete

If you were good (and didn't deserve a lump of coal) we told you we'd be giving you your gift soon. It's taken a bit of extra time -- we wound up having to spend a couple days doing some server configuration and upgrades... the cost of having one of the world's more popular websites -- but it's nearly done. So, soon we'll be releasing a stable and beta update to the PortableApps.com Platform. The stable release will get the PortableApps.com Updater to keep all your apps up to date, which has been in wide beta for 6 months after being in limited alpha testing for years. The beta release will get a near-final version of the new theming engine, new updater features, the introduction of categories/folders and a few more surprises. We'll be following that with 1 or 2 more betas and then the 2.0 final release later this month... or next... just to be safe. :)

More New Stuff

In addition to all the new apps and the new platform updates, you'll be seeing some major updates to the PortableApps.com website itself. There will be changes to the app directory, the forums, more community features and a few more things we've been working on behind the scenes. We'll be introducing them throughout the month leading up to the 2.0 release and beyond.

That's it for now fellow portable app-ers. We hope you've enjoyed the new apps, this update and are looking forward to the new stuff coming this month. Here's to 2011 being the best year yet for all of us!

We love you guys!

- The PortableApps.com Team

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and thank you very much for the Season's gifts you were presenting us.
PortableApps.com was a daily fun to browse through and I was really deeply impressed about the awesome works you all did.

Thanks a lot for it - and a very Happy New Year:

Greetz from Switzerland

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You're welcome. We like keeping things running and getting even more stuff into our users hands. And our own hands, since we're often developing apps that we ourselves or our fellow developers enjoy. All good reasons for us to get more good apps out!

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Thank you for this wonderful site with free USB software.
This site has changed the way I use a USB and I can't go any where with it.

Benny_000 (Age 11)

And a big "thank you" for the awesome products and work you put into PortableApps...

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And a big welcome back for being one of our core multi-year users and (we hope) spreading the word about the world of PortableApps.com to your friends, families and colleagues!

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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2010 was a great year. Added more apps and doubled the games list!! 2011... planned to be even better. Great job to the devs and testers. Long live Portability.

(Almost had the first post the the site updated and then my wireless dropped. dumb luck.)

Load the App and Play :evil:

Swiss are said to be SLOOOOW, sometimes, ok, mostly because of our geografical situation, we're faster than others and "ahead of times"... Blum

You forgot to list Marble. Blum

EDIT: I counted 30, I think you're missing another one too.

EDIT 2: Synkron is the other app you're missing.

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Got em, thanks. I should start compiling lists BEFORE I get tired Smile

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

lol, maybe you should use word or similar to make a list and check it with the new apps available. just a suggestion

You guys at Portable apps are the greatest and the last 32 days of new apps have made everyday exciting. Thank you for all that you have done!!

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Well, I guess I can't say that you never release apps anymore. I remember back when perfectly ready apps in Pre-Release would just be forgotten and die out. And now you've nearly doubled greatly expanded your app count in a month. Who knows. Maybe menu 2.0 will finally come this month.

Also, I doubt anyone even remembers who the heck I am, but I got a new flashdrive and will be hanging around the site a bit more often. If the dev-test app list needs any updating, you know who to call. Wink

Anyways, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, New New Year, Cool Kwanzaa, or, just a Nice Holiday Season.


Simplifying daily life through technology

Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Smile

May the Shwartz be with you

maybe have a weekly roundup of the apps that come out. or monthly, whichever you prefer. that way everybody can look and see what they might of missed and see what they want.

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you will see on the right the PortableApps News.
Click on More News, and you can see all the releases and their dates of release.

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

it would make it more easier to be ablee to see it on the side bar there clicking it and being able to read the little news thing and seing the list of apps that are out on the previous week. you know? it seems easier to have it as a weekly roundup of the precious weeks apps on its own news article.

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Adding one more (IMHO) unnecessary feature on the site, that needs to be continually maintained, means that someone has to spend time doing it.
I don't see how the benefits to users justifies the amount of effort it would take. Remember, there are a limited number of people working at PortableApps.com, who are (except for John) doing this as a volunteer effort in their spare time; and I'd rather have all of them spending more time creating apps.

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

Nice to see all the new releases and the 2.x format nearing completion. Keep up the good work and Happy New Years.

"We exist in a multidimensional polymorphic hyerspacial internode of neurotranslinguistic manifestations subjugated by hyperbolic quantum entanglement."

I see what you did there

May the Shwartz be with you

I stumbled onto this site using RSS Owl, to give credit where it's due.
Went through the hassle to register simply to make this comment, good site and Regshot is one of the best S.Wares for intermediate n00bs.
and to add, it would be nice if Daphne v1.47 would kill high priority processes like anti-spyware, for instance Avast and it's ilk. Sometimes it is needed to stop them to run specific programs, or to install certain softwares. In the instance of Avast it is necessary to open several panels and click on stop and confirm, a tedious process. (I know, *Windows* processes) just sayin'...
keep up the good work, this is both useful and educational. and it should go without saying, it is nice to visit a site that isn't all caught up in promotion.

nony mouse

All at PortableApps

Just a note of thanks, I have used you suite for a couple of years and the additional applications that have been added just make my life simple.

Working in IT the option to carry the suit of tools around in invaluable to me and my fellow professionals (to whom I recommend your tools at every opportunity)

And the only update I ever truly wanted was the automatic application update, which we now have !!. Any other applications you add that I find use full are a bonus.

I'm sure I speak for the vast majority of your users, please accept this as a big Thank you, and keep up the good work !!

Hobbit182 Smile

(The title is a reference to Merry Gear Solid 2, which could be a Portable App.)

Can't wait for the "category" system (I could hide games in a category called "office", if they can be collapsable) and I can't wait for PAPlatform 2.0.

My English isn't great because I'm French !

I am very happy to know the platform 2.0 will come later this month. It has evolved greatly since the first versions!
Thanks for bringing us the best of portable applications! Your work, John, and the work of everyone who helped (and help) you with these applications, is awesome! Keep it up!

Happy new year to all!

As the friend above: My English isn't great because I'm French Brazilian! Blum

And unfortunately, some people could say "My English isn't great because I'm a dumb American". Wink Being an American, in those cases I just hope they don't make us look bad.

so as valve time converges with real time should i worry about app time being distorted? (it seems our beta is being delayed another long while so 2.0 in january... a dream is sad to wake from)

is it perfect: no, nothings perfect.
is it readily available and reliable: make it happen.

I don't know anything about valve time only real time.
It seems like a few days is a long time in America.
Over here in England a few days is about 2/3 days or possibly 4 at the very most.
In America it's been 9 days now and still nothing.

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Relax, it's coming. I'm actually coding it right now. An illness and my best friend's (basically my brother) dad dying suddenly have caused a few personal schedule changes the past week or so.

We're still on track for stable 2.0 toward the end of this month. The next beta/stable platform release will be any day now.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

My condolences to you and your best friend and family. It is nice to hear that there is a very good reason for another delay, but I'm sorry that the reason is illness and death. For all of our frustrations, it is important for us to remember that PortableApps is not eternally important in the grand scheme of things, certainly not life and death.

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Portableapps is just like Valve.

They take alot of time to make their apps, but they are always high quality and worth the wait. Customer support is great, with the main owners responding to questions themselves. The community makes alot of the content that gets released. And everything they make, and any other app you feel like adding, is available through a simple, easy to use interface.

I'm glad I'm not the only one to see the similarities. Blum

Simplifying daily life through technology

Since it has always been my understanding and/or impression that "few days" means anywhere from maybe 3 or 4 days and certainly not any more than 1 week, if that, I thought I would ask what John means by a "few days".

In light of John's news post on July 16, 2010 saying "From this point forward, we'll be releasing a new beta every week or two until we hit 2.0 final." and now having had almost 6 months pass without any Platform release of any kind, I thought I would ask about what was meant by this post saying there would be both a stable and beta release in the next few days.

I don't feel like I can put a lot of stock in John's "promises" (granted, John didn't actually promise anything) and don't want to be too hopeful.

I should note that since the July 16 post, I am well aware of the fact that problems were discovered that had to be dealt with. Despite that, I certainly never had the impression that the problems were so severe that there could be no beta or any other type of release for months on end.

I know you guys are trying very hard to produce awesome software, but I'm not expecting perfection, especially with beta software. I would rather see small, regular updates chipping away at bugs (and adding features) than see nothing for months on end and talk of coming releases. And yes, I think a news post should have been made after the July 16 post at some point acknowledging where things stood and what the PortableApps staff responsible for the Platform were thinking since no beta releases were forthcoming.

Happy new year to everybody. Portableapps.com is an useful website. I hope it is developed more and more.

Thanks for your useful applications!
Best Regards!

I used the apps on your site when my laptop stopped working for a short time to edit word documents and use surf the internet. I was able to continue working on another computer until I fixed my laptop.

i agree that everyone loves updates on how things are going, knowing when something isn't coming soon is better then waiting. some things that i am suggesting without any real knowledge about the work put into portable apps (specifically) is a bug/feature list like bugzilla. we could see the progress as well as specific problems that are occurring. now things like that are best when you can get fast and accurate bug reports after each change so of course im suggesting daily builds or the such (alpha builds maybe? but unstable and clearly tester builds...) and a bug report system built in (or not, a bug report isn't that hard to write) there are lots of other suggestions i have for this but i understand how difficult it is to add features to something while fixing breakages in other areas and the such, so perhaps having a system where we can submit code for portable apps platform? they could all be checked by you for consideration (of quality and, compatibility, anything at all really...) and you could include anything useful. i'm just a 17 year old and as much as i know i understand there is more i don't. but i'd love to help in anyway i can Smile also - a linux build? i think expanding the platform to work in virtually every computer would be a nice accomplishment. feel free to talk to me if i can help at all or if anything i said is do able..

is it perfect: no, nothings perfect.
is it readily available and reliable: make it happen.

Thanks to John and all @ PA.c for the awesome days of app-ness, glad to see it continue - I'm spreading the word and has in the last 3 months gone from a loooong-time casual bi-monthly PA user to a total Portable Geek (or Freak maybe!), checking in here several times a day just to see what's up as next portable goodness.

Like everyone else I'm also impatient for the next version, but with the number of apps streaming out constantly now and a truly well-working beta free-for-all, why get riled about it? Test some betas instead and help the concept along, and let John perfect his release to everyones benefit. Don't beat'em - join'em!

First off, a huge thanks to John & the team for all their great work!

As much as I love all the portable apps, the App Directory page drives me nuts! I'm hoping it improves with the planned website updates & I have some suggestions for the Directory page layout. Is it too late for that & is there some place in particular that you're collecting such ideas? If not, I'll gladly start a new thread on that topic.

You guys have been kicking butt this season with all the apps and updates! Keep it up!

Limits are for people with no imagination.

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Thanks, but you ain't see nuthin yet!

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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I'm going to release it as soon as it is ready. You realize I haven't taken a day off in 45 days, right?

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

No, I didn't know that. Please take a day off. Take two or three days off, if needed.

You would help your cause out if you would quit making statements like

"So, in the next few days we'll be releasing a stable and beta update to the PortableApps.com Platform."

or your comment "The next beta/stable platform release will be any day now."

Not only does it make you look bad because what you say has been very unreliable, but it probably puts more pressure on you. Quit saying "any day" or "this week" or "in the next few days". Just say when it is done, it will be done and that you are busting your butt to get it right. We'll understand. And you will have the liberty of taking a day off here or there so that you don't crack because you didn't give any dates or time-lines.

I/we want to see the PortableApps Platform beta/stable release, but I/we don't want you sick, miserable, having a heart attack, etc. Get some rest and time off if at all possible.

solanus's picture

It's nice that you want to get people excited about the upcoming release, but it seems like you are always underestimating the amount of real time it takes to finish, and underestimating the power of Murphy's law, when it comes to predicting release.
Don't tell us when! These arbitrary dates just put you in a bind.
Take as long as it takes to do it - and give yourself weekends!.

Thanks, John.

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

Try Hofstadter's law.

Hofstadter's law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

– Douglas Hofstadter

I love PortableApps.com and hope to see an update soon, but as others have already stated, unreliable dates are worse than no dates.

The fact is, it will get finished, and it will be released.
When? When its done.
It would be nice if it were sooner rather than later, but how much sooner is relative to what later would be if it were not sooner, but rather later.

Please, Take a day (or more) off John T Haller
I hear that a day off helps people to have a fresh view and thus sometimes to be able to finish quicker; you never know, it might work, and it's definitely worth a try eh?


solanus's picture

Glad to see another fan of Gödel Escher Bach.

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

Well said Energy, if it's not ready then why say it's going to be released in the next few days.It was supposed to be released before Christmas ( John's own words ).
It obviously wasn't ready so it got delayed,it was then stated on 1st Jan " the next few day's" we still haven't got it two weeks later.

You are spot on Energy,John is his own worst enemy making promises and not delivering, perhaps he should think of a career in politics.

John T. Haller's picture

Did you miss the whole thing about illness and death? The platform will be out shortly, until then, you can enjoy another new app every day.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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What's so special about this weekend? Let's wait til Valentines day then you can fall in love with PortableApps all over again. Smile

Why can't I rename my apps in the menu? Permanently I mean. If I rename an app (mostly I remove the suffix 'portable') and refresh icons it goes back to it's original name. This only happens with any of the new releases from the 32 apps 'to date'

Live for an ideal and leave no place in the mind for anything else.

What version do you have?
How do you rename them?

"What about Love?" - "Overrated. Biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate." - Al Pacino in The Devils Advocate

I have the latest PAP version which i believe is 2b5. And i rename using the platform rename option. I can rename apps but they change back on refresh or restart of menu.



Live for an ideal and leave no place in the mind for anything else.

solanus's picture

Specifically, x:\PortableApps\PortableApps.com\Data\PortableAppsMenu.ini.
This file should get updated as soon as you change the name.

Try this: Open the platform. Rename the app. Go to the ini file and you should see an entry that shows the renaming under [AppsRenamed].

If you don't see the entry, check the file permissions to see if you have write access to the ini file.

If you do, then close the ini file, exit the platform, and check the ini file again. Is the entry still there?

If you don't see the entry, then something is resetting the file.

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you.

Thanks for the help.

The problem was something to do with the renaming of apps for apps not connected with PA.com. I'd tried to group using a renaming of the folders which caused several names for the same apps. I've since cleaned the .ini file of all apps no longer in my menu and it worked straight away. I didn't realise the new version stored the names even though apps were deleted!

Live for an ideal and leave no place in the mind for anything else.

Hi, John.

Rather than reply to your last comment in this thread where you said "Did you miss the whole thing about illness and death?", I thought I would post my reply to the main trunk of the thread.

Let me start off by saying that my "gripe" isn't at all with the quality of work coming from PortableApps. Not at all. I would bet the vast majority of people that have used PortableApps stuff, especially in the last couple of years, would agree that the quality of work has been quite good.

My issue is purely with communication, especially involving time-lines. Here are a few comments & thoughts in no particular order...

Quit making excuses. Take personal responsibility for what you have said. One of the biggest problems in America is society making excuses for people's actions and not encouraging them to take personal responsibility for their actions. Nobody is making you continue to write comments such as "any day", "in the next few days", "shortly", etc. I am NOT trivializing illness and death, but that is life. Life is challenging for everyone and it has some real highs and some lows. Quit just lightly throwing out these time-lines that don't allow yourself any wiggle room.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf. https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/The_Boy_Who_Cried_Wolf After a while, why should I or anyone pay one bit of attention to any of your time-lines when you have created a bad reputation of saying stuff lately that doesn't come true at all. I don't think you are willfully lying, but are being careless with what you say. I don't think this is the type of reputation you desire.

Let me give an example, for almost 5 months at the top of PortableApps.com, anyone that visited the site saw the July 16, 2010 post "PortableApps.com Platform 2.0 Beta 5 Released For Testing" (https://portableapps.com/news/2010-07-17_-_portableapps.com_platform_2.0...). In this post, you said "From this point forward, we'll be releasing a new beta every week or two until we hit 2.0 final." By reading through the comments, it became clear there were some problems, but as far as I know, you never ever made any type of official post on the main page addressing the delay or anything about it. Yet, there sat for months the post above right on the top of the PortableApps.com home page. Maybe you were regularly updating progress in the forums, but I don't have the time to hunt and peck around the forums to find nuggets of information. Time or not, many people simply wouldn't ever run across the nuggets of information anyway.

To make matters worse, the first official post to address status and/or time-lines was the January 1, 2011 post "Happy New Year 2011! New Year, 32 New Apps, New Platform Soon!" (https://portableapps.com/news/2011-01-01_-_happy_new_year). With this post and in the comments, you have now said in reference to the coming beta and/or stable Platform "any day now", "this week", "in the next few days", and "shortly". I think I speak for everyone in that all of these phrases you have used would lead one to think a few days and certainly not any more than 1 week.

Please byte your tongue and refrain from lightly using these words. It is at the point now of "crying wolf".

Please under-promise and over-deliver. Don't over-promise and under-deliver, which is absolutely what you have done the last few months, especially when it comes to your release time-lines. I am all for simply promising and delivering, but that of course is not always easy to do. Therefore, I believe your best approach is to under-promise and over-deliver. It is always tempting to talk about the great things coming, but it is in your best interest to hold back a bit and under-promise.

Please allow yourself some time each week to unplug a bit and try not to think about PortableApps. Ideally you could take the weekend off, but even if you could manage to take off 1 day per week or 1 day every couple of weeks, the time off and rest (mentally at least) will help in the long run.

All of that said, I want the best for you and for PortableApps as well as simply wanting you to do what you say you will do.

I hope that all makes sense.


Darkbee's picture

I'm sure your intentions are honorable but your post comes off as nothing more than a rant, that sort of peters out at the end. I agree that managing expectation is key, and good communication is important in any scenario. Unfortunately, it's easy to say but hard to do otherwise we'd all be doing it. For what it's worth I think American society has larger problems to worry about than people making excuses but there you go.

Perhaps we can all find some middle ground.

My post didn't peter out. My intention was to say what I had to say, but also not be too negative and not drag it out. I chose to end on a more positive note and I truly did want to reiterate that I for one want John to not work himself to death or burn himself out. He might even find himself a bit more productive with more R&R.

I didn't want to take time to discuss in detail personal responsibility, but I think you would be very surprised how many things would change if we all would take personal responsibility for our lives. That certainly starts with me as much as anyone. It changes everything when you go from a victim mentality and someone else is liable for this or that to "I will take responsibility for my actions and decisions and the resulting ramifications. After all, nobody MADE me do this or that." This issue is very much present when you look at our full prison systems, marriages, what is going on with our kids and in our schools, our welfare-mentality, the state of our government, rampant lawsuits, and more. Personal responsibility certainly even comes into play with one's perception of sin, God, karma, yin yang, etc and why something happens and "who" is the blame.

As someone who has personally given $100 twice via PayPal to PortableApps I can say with absolute certainty I will not be making any future donations unless I can start believing the promises made here again..

While I fully understand that John contributes his time of his own free will here, the expectation that promises made be fulfilled is something to be held accountable for, regardless of "illness and death" in one's personal life.

If you must take time away from putting out the PortableApps platform, then who is presenting all these other new apps on a daily basis? And if it's not you John then why can't THEY at least insure your promises are fulfilled when you say "a few days"?

And given the beta has been around this long, I find it next to impossible (as a programmer myself) to comprehend how it would take more than a single afternoon to clean up some code and compile it and throw it out on the PortableApps home page...

I've seen this exact same scenario with a few "open source web design" sites in which the author of the site give a mile long list of why they can't get simple tasks done, even when the bulk of the content on their site is contributed by others. It just screams of "attention seeker."

I love PortableApps and have made a number of them myself, but I've completely lost all faith in any mention of timeframes given here.

So I'll donate my money to other projects where I know I can trust them when they say "a few days."

Only last thing I can say to all this is - after you commented on having personal issues John, why then did you not take the couple minutes necessary to simply change the comment on your home page to "to be announced" at least?

Well said. There is no excuse John not to at least update your posts or make a new post saying "To be announced." or giving some detail if problems have arose.

By just leaving old posts on the home page that contain time-lines that have clearly not been met, one that expects good communication cannot help but think "unreliable", "flaky", or other things.

All of that said, everyone is trying to patiently wait for a stable or beta release of the PortableApps 2.0 Platform.

gluxon's picture

Have you thought about the expectations for the 6th Beta? Where it is now, Beta 6 is a huge jump that needs to include categories, finalized (aero) theming, new options menu, and file association.

I can see your arguments, but you're not exactly helping the development of the Platform by giving John a rant letter.

In reply to arkanjelikos, you don't want to put your real user account out there? You want the truth from John and yet you are hiding. We all would like to see the next Beta land in our laps so we can go play, and you are of course welcome to take your money and go buy an alternative.
Yes, accountability is something to be desired and so is honesty. Let's hope to see more of that in the future from all parties.
I have been trying hard to go by that old saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all."

With all of the Days of App-Ness, I'm having a very difficult time caring about a few delays. You can be as late you need to be, John. This more than makes up for it.

I understand what you are saying and the flood of apps has been nice. However, the release of apps has zero to do with the communication regarding the supposedly coming beta and stable Platform releases. Also, in my case, an update to the Platform is more important than the vast majority of the app releases. I also hardly think that the next Platform beta release being delayed by a solid 6 months at this point can be called "a few delays". Granted, John went a good 5 months without officially posting anything about the Platform release(s) to come and since he did on January 1, I guess you could say there has only been "a few delays".

Please stop, everyone gets it that you are not happy. Lack of communication, lack of release, etc, we get it. There is no need to reiterate your position in every post you make. If you are so dissatisfied then may I suggest you use a different platform.

Once you go portable...

I'm so glad I found this site. Thank you for all the hard work you guys do! I'm looking forward to the new beta but of course, take your time. Smile


Now I feel bad for John, especially with that dude (dont know his nick, not that i dont care i just didnt look) that keeps complaining about how it has not been released the next version of the platform yet. All I have to say is one thing to Mr. Complainer Dude: Try being one guy, go through what John has gone through, and have the time to complete a program that he never actually promised a release date for (or did he, i honestly dont know).

May the Shwartz be with you

He didn't specify a particular date, he just said before Christmas, later this week, a few day's, very soon now.
It's a good job none of us are holding our breath waiting for it.

Was wondering what the hold up is on the release of the new features for the Menu? I was looking around yesterday and found [link to illegal software removed. this package is mostly just our apps repackaged without permission from publishers. - mod JTH]
I must say firstly that I am a committed PortableApps.com user and have been from the early days! But you really should look at that thingy as it has many of the functions we are waiting for. From the start the apps are arranged in categories....

Other than the category issue (which is more important as you continue to add more and more GREAT apps!!!) I would like to see PortableApps.com be able to close the apps that were auto started by the Menu.
Some dream items would be:
1. Start up (and closing) scripts; eg PortableApps.com menu remembers which PCs are used; so that for example... on trusted PCs it could load quicker, but on other PCs it would first run an AV scan. Or snapshot of the Reg so that on exit it cleans up and puts PC back to prev. state.
2. The ability to specify where directories are. So if I need to use more than one USB pen, I can tell the Menu (one 1 USB) that the Documents folders are stored on second USB. (Another reason this would be good is: My USB encrypted w/ Truecrypt. On inserting the USB I have a Bat file that loads Truecrypt, then PortableApps and starts ClamWin. But that means the encrypted USB is accessed before the AV scan (Ie I have to type in password and keyfiles before I can check if local PC has problems). I would prefer to have the Bat file first scan the host PC's memory then load the encrypted volume. To do this, I would either need to keep 2 copies of Clamwin (one on non-encrypted, the other on the encrypted volumes) or Be able to tell Menu that some apps are on Drive x and some on Y...

Thank you


Dude, congratulations on the great work!
I'm waiting for the new platform.
you guys are awesome!
Congratulations yourself!

I get that Sourceforge HAD issues, but all your new releases are bouncing through from other hosts, no problem. so why can't you fix the broken ones? At least temporarily... Why not just bounce the Juice one instead of leaving it broken?

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As was announced in the forums and via notices on the Juice and Firefox Beta pages and stories, SourceForge's issues are ongoing and we're waiting on them for new open source releases. Everything we host ourselves costs us money, so we avoid it when we can. We're monitoring the situation and have backup hosting plans if it goes on too much longer. Juice was submitted to another backup hosting service we may use for manual (ie non-updater) downloads last night but it takes several days to become available.

As mentioned in the forums a status update is being posted later today. As you had suggested previously, when we realized that we would not reach the original promised dates, we updated the homepage, site banners and this announcement to indicate the change in timeframe.

Your multiple similar comments in this thread have been removed as a violation of the site guidelines. If you're just here to troll, we would ask you to please refrain from posting further. This site and its community participation is designed as a service for all. Not for one user to hammer a point and insult developers.

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