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Fixed Bugs

Reported bugs that have been fixed

Posted Updated Title Forum
2011-12-11 2012-06-15 [Fixed] Can't add or remove personal picture Platform
2011-12-09 2012-06-15 [Fixed] Documents, PortableApps folders and sub-folders Platform
2011-11-24 2011-11-24 [Fixed] Listary Program updated but pages not updated Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-11-12 2012-01-18 [Fixed] Chrome leaves registry key behind Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-10-27 2011-10-27 [Fixed] PAI listed as 2.0.8 on development page General Discussion
2011-10-25 2011-11-08 [Fixed] Sidebar Login textboxes too big under Linux General Discussion
2011-10-18 2011-10-25 [Fixed] XAMPP Launcher update wiped XAMPP installation Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-10-17 2011-10-18 [Fixed] Platform not exitin Platform
2011-10-07 2011-10-07 [Fixed] Spell check in Redbook description Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-10-06 2011-10-07 [Fixed] Rednotebook looses database on upgrade Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-10-05 2011-10-23 [Fixed] Opera language problem Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-09-18 2012-05-17 [Fixed] MoneyManagerEx leaving some data in App directo Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-09-18 2011-11-09 [Fixed] SIW auto-update failure (downloaded copy not va Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-09-13 2011-09-15 [Fixed] DSynchronize launcher has INI syntax error Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-09-12 2011-11-22 [Fixed] 3.4.3/3.4.4 fails to start LibreOffice Portable
2011-09-08 2012-04-19 [Fixed] ToDoList Portable: incorrect use of variables i Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-08-27 2012-04-06 [Fixed] DirectoriesMove not backing up (some) local fol Portable App Development
2011-08-26 2011-08-27 [Fixed] Problem with Google Chrome auto update General Discussion
2011-08-22 2013-09-08 [Fixed] VVVPortable - open database with parameter NOK Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-08-17 2011-08-17 [Fixed] Firefox 3.6.20 Chinese (Simplified) Does not ex Firefox Portable
2011-08-15 2011-08-15 [Fixed] Wrong link in Mozilla Thunderbird beta Thunderbird Portable
2011-08-09 2011-08-09 [Fixed] Quick Solitaire and LMarebles Portable wrong ca Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-08-07 2011-08-10 [Fixed] uTorrent update error - just me? Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-07-31 2012-05-12 [Fixed] Eraser saves to %windir% Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-07-29 2011-07-29 [FIXED] WinDirStat PAF Update Portable App Development