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Fixed Bugs

Reported bugs that have been fixed

Posted Updated Title Forum
2011-07-29 2011-07-29 [FIXED] WinDirStat PAF Update Portable App Development
2011-07-28 2011-12-13 [Fixed] PA Updater shows on XP Home SP3 with no network Platform
2011-07-28 2012-05-16 [Fixed] On-Screen Keyboard won't work in 64 bit Wi Portable App Development
2011-07-28 2011-09-09 [Fixed] Evince won't let you change language witho Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-07-25 2011-11-19 [Fixed] proxy settings Platform
2011-07-24 2011-08-10 [Fixed] Scrolling is messing the UI Platform
2011-07-24 2012-02-27 [Fixed] GnuCash Portable 2.4.7: cannot set language Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-07-12 2011-08-10 [Fixed] Launcher Starts Only Once When Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-07-10 2012-12-10 [Fixed] LibreOffice insists another version is running LibreOffice Portable
2011-07-08 2011-07-20 [Fixed] LibreOffice Portable can't open more than LibreOffice Portable
2011-07-07 2012-06-30 [Fixed] ConvertAll leaves folder in %APPDATA% Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-07-07 2012-05-20 [Fixed] PNotes installer.ini could include /App/PNotes/ Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-07-07 2011-07-12 [Fixed] Firefox Portable 5.0 leaves registry key when r Firefox Portable
2011-07-06 2011-07-07 [Fixed] Error in Luxembourgish Translation for PA.c Pla Localization Discussion
2011-06-29 2012-04-11 [Fixed] Thunderbird 5 not remembering compatable add-on Thunderbird Portable
2011-06-27 2012-02-15 [Fixed] Gramps 3.3.x will not start and may need to be Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-06-25 2011-07-05 [Fixed] uTorrent leaves folder behind Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-06-17 2012-08-22 [Fixed] Winboard leaves winboard.ini in %APPDATA% Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-06-16 2016-09-06 [Fixed] Launcher 2.1 Can't Handle Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-05-31 2011-06-03 [FIXED] Foxit Reader 5 Portable Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-05-30 2011-05-31 [Fixed] Errors in PA.c updater DB General Discussion
2011-05-29 2012-06-15 [Fixed] Installing to 3TB drives shows "not enough General Discussion
2011-05-26 2011-09-10 [Fixed] [Inkscape] Drop-Down List Empty (Transform Pane Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-05-24 2012-05-10 [Fixed] Maxthon - Picture save location Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-05-24 2012-03-02 [Fixed] XnView 1.98 Will Not Batch Scan Other Apps Support (Deprecated)