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Fixed Bugs

Reported bugs that have been fixed

Posted Updated Title Forum
2011-03-21 2011-03-21 [Fixed] Frhed doesn't start on Windows XP SP 2 Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-03-20 2011-03-21 [Fixed] KVIrc registry plugin not closed Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-03-17 2011-03-28 [Fixed] Maxthon crash folder Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-02-28 2014-04-21 [Fixed] Locale settings are not saved LibreOffice Portable
2011-02-27 2011-03-16 [Fixed] Speedcrunch is multilingual Portable App Development
2011-02-26 2012-05-23 [Fixed] HM NIS Edit Portable not running scripts Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-02-25 2011-02-25 [Fixed] Installer needs the version re General Discussion
2011-02-15 2012-05-18 [Fixed] Source Links on App Pages pointed to incorrect General Discussion
2011-02-15 2011-03-18 [Fixed] GnuCash 2.4.2: Aqbanking wizard doesn't wo Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-02-10 2011-03-18 [Fixed] GnuCash 2.4.2 fails to start after upgrade Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-02-09 2011-03-02 [Fixed] Feature: optional pluginreg fix Firefox Portable
2011-02-02 2012-05-10 [Fixed] java portable installer size calculation wrong? Platform
2011-01-13 2012-03-07 [Fixed] Java Portable Launcher: Quotes in ${FileExists} Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-01-11 2011-04-04 [Fixed] Gnumeric 1.10.12 leaves gtkfilechooser.ini Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-01-09 2012-10-13 [Fixed] Rocks and Diamonds leaves files when run on Adm Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2011-01-05 2011-01-17 [Fixed] Spybot Portable 1.6.2 loses language change on Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2010-12-22 2011-03-18 [Fixed] 7-Zip 9 doesn't remember settings Utility Apps Support
2010-12-22 2012-10-22 [Fixed] IrfanView Portable hijacks File Associations Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2010-12-11 2010-12-14 [Fixed] GPG/enigmail broken with 3.1.7 Thunderbird Portable
2010-12-07 2011-02-06 [Fixed] Data\settings\ClamWin.conf vs. App\DefaultData\ Security Apps Support
2010-11-08 2011-04-15 [Fixed] Opera Portable loses profile between sessions w Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2010-10-19 2010-10-19 [FIXED] Broken Link: VVVPortable General Discussion
2010-10-17 2010-10-31 [Fixed] Chrome loses theme under Windows 7 Other Apps Support (Deprecated)
2010-10-15 2010-11-04 [Fixed] Downloads from Internode SourceForge mirror fai General Discussion
2010-10-14 2012-01-10 [Fixed] Improvements for PokerTH Portable Portable App Development