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[Closed] Access violation at address 0059B2F4

Submitted by AbsolutelyRandom on January 9, 2022 - 1:40pm

Access violation at address 0059B2F4 in module 'PortableAppsPlatform.exe'. Read of address 000001D8.
I have been receiving this error (or similar one) since I have been using the PortableAppsPlatform so for over 2 years. It shows up randomly. Sometimes it shows up with each startup, sometimes it doesn't show up at all. I use Win7x64. Nothing particular working in the background that would cause the issue. I have limited amount of programs working the background.

PortableApps updater fails with InvalidZipFilePossibleNoConnectionOrFirewall error

Submitted by pieter0001 on January 5, 2022 - 4:12am

when running PortableApps updater it fails with InvalidZipFilePossibleNoConnectionOrFirewall error.
Eager understanding to what URL/DNS/Hostname and port/protocol the updater function is connecting.
Looking forward to response

[Added] Different taskbar icons for PortableApps

Submitted by DJuego on December 29, 2021 - 9:41am

Hello! and happy end of the year! Smile

I am experimenting with the simultaneous installation of different PortableApps environments.

In general it works as I want except for a few hiccups.The most annoying drawback is not having different icons in the taskbar for each PortableApps environment. Even if they were just variations of the official icon (e.g.; different colors).

Does anyone know how to modify the icon of a PortableApps environment?

PortableApps folder contains OVER 400,000 FILES

Submitted by Herowoul on December 25, 2021 - 5:07pm

Hi everyone, I'd like to consult with you over something troubling i encountered..

After downloading all software through the platform, the folder contains over 400,000 files.
When i connect my pendrive (containing PortableApps) to smaller devices, such as smartphones, they get overwhelmed having to scan the entire pendrive and then read it as corrupt (some sort of "Time-out" issue).

Failed Upgrades - Win10

Submitted by jlschrag on December 21, 2021 - 12:34pm

Like many before me, the platform updater is having trouble downloading apps - and has for several weeks. I have looked through every existing forum post I could find but haven't found a resolution. Unlike many of the 2018 posts, however, I'm on an up-to-date Win10 machine.

The error is:
"Unable to download the file. This could be due to a proxy or network issue or the hosting server not permitting downloads from your location."
which I get for 7Zip, DVDStylerPortable, FileZilla, Firefox, Gimp, Notepad++, Opera, PDFTKBuilder, PicPick, WinMerge, & Workrave.

some apps not available

Submitted by shu246 on December 20, 2021 - 11:53am

What would cause some apps not to be available on some machines? Specifically:
..Win 10 machine: Apps > Get More Apps; Irfanview not found, XNView found and installed
..different Win 10 machine: Apps > Get More Apps; XNView not found; Irfanview found and installed

(Love them both. Irfanview is superior for picture adjustments/tweaks and interface with printers. XNView has the better sorting table thumbnails display.)

Thank you - shu