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Double entries in menu

Submitted by wish2bflying on February 6, 2023 - 2:12pm

Please forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere. I did some searching but couldn't find anything that looked like this problem:

Most of my apps have two entries. When I select the option to show all with categories, the ones with double entries are only in the "Other" category. I've tried resetting the .ini file but this only changed the overall menu settings. It didn't remove the double entries.

Another instance running

Submitted by senorbig151 on February 6, 2023 - 8:50am

I was using Portable Explorer++. was happy with it , even if it did crash quite often. The last time it crashed, i closed it. Then when I opened it again, it said ,'another instance of Explorer++ is already running. Please close all instances of Explorer++ before launching Explorer++ Portable.

Understanding the new folder structure

Submitted by PortableGood on February 4, 2023 - 10:00am

Hi. I recently noticed that at least some of the PortableApps apps now have "legacy" subfolders as well as non "legacy" subfolders.

For example, Stellarium now has StellariumPortable\Stellarium and StellariumPortable\StellariumLegacy folders. The same structure is present for Rednotebook.

Can you explain a little about this new folder structure?

If an installation is only going to be used with a single OS, can one or the other subfolder be deleted to make more free space?

Parallel downloads possible when updating? Pause / resume support?

Submitted by jr2 on February 3, 2023 - 7:58pm

When updating PortableApps (apps, not the entire platform), sometimes I'll get stuck on a really slow download for whatever reason. For example, right now I'm updating CherryTree at about 120kBps more or less. The rest of the PortableApps download at a decent speed (I'm cable of about 5-7MBps here).

Question is, would it be possible to allow up to say, 3 apps at a time to download? Then they can cue up their install process whilst others download in the background.

Shortcut handling for Multiple copies of App

Submitted by madburg on January 28, 2023 - 2:35pm

Hi, need some help.

Have several copies of Chrome x64 portable, in directories as followed:


App update succeeds on all copies. But the rename of the shortcut in the Platform gui is lost for all instances except for the one that is for the default app directory; note in addition, all 5 renamed shortcuts where all marked as favorites and 4 no longer show up on favorite list.

Time to say Goodbye ...........

Submitted by robertcampbell on January 21, 2023 - 2:01pm

Hi everyone,

After close to 3 years of using PortableApps it is time for Me to say goodbye. Ive had several problems in the past and I received more support from the community then from the actual owner/developer of this software. In fact the majority of his replies were that my drive was failing. Im here to tell You that my drive that I have been using for PA and I am still using right now is and has been working fine the entire time with 0 read/write errors and that the problem is/was indeed with the PortableApps program itself.

Google Chrome Portable but consumes less ram and memory

Submitted by lapnhan on December 24, 2022 - 7:57am

Is there any app similar to Google Chrome Portable but consumes less RAM and memory?
Chrome Portable is currently like a regular chrome and consumes a lot of RAM, the download capacity is about 250 MB. And about more than 500 MB in use.
Is there a way to reduce these parameters to a significant extent and still be usable? I just used a lot of Google Chrome Portable to view and retrieve messages on Gmail and Twitter for our project.