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Does anyone know a way to completely remove the Navigation Bar (aka URL address bar) in Google Chrome?

Submitted by gaveitatry on January 31, 2021 - 7:13pm

1.) I did some research online and I saw that at one time you could go to "about:flags" and then set "Compact Navigation" to true. But it was an experimental feature and Google Chrome got rid of it, so that is a no go.

2.) Another method is to use the Fullscreen presentation (F11) but I don't want to use Google Chrome in fullscreen. And I also don't want to download "shortcuts" and open up my website in some app mode. This was a thing a long time ago, but I never used it. I just want to use the browser as-is, but with the Navigation Bar hidden.

Opera / Opera GX - Instance Already Running

Submitted by Edward266 on January 20, 2021 - 2:21pm

I just installed Portable Apps Launcher Today. I am new to the app.
It seems like all the apps I have installed work except for Opera and Opera GX.
Everytime I try to launch the app I get An Instance is already running.

I have searched the forums and google and saw things about deleting .ini file etc but none of those exist that I am finding.

I am running Windows 10 v1909.

gPodder portabilization problem

Submitted by Totoche on December 15, 2020 - 11:12am


With gPodder, you can use an online service to synchronize your feed list on several devices:
In the preferences you just have to fill in your login and password.

This service does not work with the version of Papps: we get an error message.

But gPodder is natively portable. I have just done the test with 2 virgin versions and it's the Papps portability that seems to be the problem...

Do you think it's fixable?

How to guide to pin Portable Browsers to the Taskbar without creating duplicate icons.

Submitted by gaveitatry on November 28, 2020 - 11:14am

(I deleted the image)

February 03, 2021 - This method no longer works. I had a standalone Firefox Portable browser that was up-to-date and this method was working just fine. But as soon as I did a fresh install of the same portable browser, it quit working. So in the end, I had to use Platform. I am glad that I did. It makes things a lot easier. But for those people who like tweaking things and learning new stuff, maybe you can use the following information for something else.

KVIrc doens't start when loading from UNC path

Submitted by StrangeDan on October 28, 2020 - 5:41am

I have a bunch of portableapps that I store on a network path so that I don't have to install the same program over on each computer. Most of the programs work fine when accessed via UNC path (\\server\path) but for some reason KVIrc freaks out, tries to load some config from c: and when it can't it is completely unusable. I have to map a network drive and then start KVIrc from the network drive (i.e. x:\portableapps\KVircPortable\kvircportable.exe), at which point it functions perfectly fine.

Why is this, and what can be done to fix it?

Opera Portable detects the Rockstar Games launcher as being another instance of Opera Portable

PaddyM's picture
Submitted by PaddyM on October 27, 2020 - 7:50am

If I have the Rockstar Games launcher running, I will receive an error when I try to launch Opera Portable, saying that it is already running. If I close the Rockstar Launcher, I can then open Opera Portable. If I open Opera first, I can then open the Rockstar Launcher without any conflicts after that as long as I don't close and reopen Opera.

Does this mean the Rockstar Launcher is built upon Opera Portable? Or maybe just regular Opera? It's kinda weird, whatever the cause!


GoogleChromePortable 86 constantly wipes cookies

Submitted by TagMax on October 12, 2020 - 6:41pm

I've been using GoogleChromePortable (multiple instances) for years now with no issues, updating regularly. The latest update to 86 is causing all of my instances to wipe all cookies pretty regularly (multiple times a day often) after restart. A bit frustrating that I lost all cookies on all instances!

Any thoughts on what is causing this?

Where are Flash Games Saved in each Browser

Submitted by KPS2020 on September 10, 2020 - 8:55pm

I recently went the portable route with PortableApps because I was tried of having to save my data and transport it from computer to computer. I know I can log into things but sometimes I'm not on my machine and I don't want to log into things. So I now have ChromePortable, FireFoxPortable and OperaGXPortable.

Chrome Portable and Portable Passwords Issue

Submitted by zaqik on September 7, 2020 - 11:58am


I managed to set up portable passwords (GoogleChromePortable.ini with proper settings near the Launcher) but I have an issue with it. Before I made this settings there were 4 passwords stored in Chrome. After adding the portable passwords I try to add another, 5th password. It stores fine until I run Chrome under another OS. After Chrome starts I go to the settings and see this message

Some settings were reset